Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why do I attract guys that I DON'T like?!?!?

Okay. I've been thinking about dating a lot because of some situations that are happening in my life at the moment... I say it now. I want a boyfriend. Ewww that sounds so desperate, but read on to see why I feel this way...

So I'm single. I'm in college. I'VE NEVER DATED BEFORE. And I'm just getting BORED.

Look how happy this guhl looks...

Yeah, I know most people tell me that the single life is the best and being in a relationship is all too stressful and hurtful and just not worth my time at the moment (because I should focus on school more blah blah blah)... But the people who tell me that HAVE DATED BEFORE.

Since I NEVER HAVE, I'm so inexperienced and I feel like a clueless kid. And I'll admit it, I'm bored and curious!!! I want to know what it's like. Having a sexy guy around you all the time and have people in the streets stare at you going like, "HOLY SHIT! What a sexy couple!" LOL. But seriously. I do want that to happen. And when I watch dramas and see all that cute shiet, I get jealous... I think in my head, wow... girls who have boyfriends must have done at least one of those overdramatic things... and they must have felt so happy!! I don't care about the pain you get after breaking up and stuff at the moment. I know that may seem a bit ignorant, but just try to understand someone like me...

I'm not really into the whole couple t's thing, but if they're done really well or subtle, DAMN

Subtle couple outfit that I approve of :)

Seriously, I'm 18, going to be 19 in July. I'm in college. I'm a nice person who likes to live life and laugh. I have nice style (I like guys with nice style. style attracts style!), and I'm not UGLY or repulsive to look at... SO WHY HAVE I BEEN SINGLE ALL THIS TIME?!?!

I mean, I guess you can say that I'm "innocent" since I've never dated before (some guys like that you know??) BUT I DON'T LOOK LIKE IT APPARENTLY. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Almost EVERYONE who gets to know me gets SO SHOCKED when they learn that I've never been in a relationship before. Not even one of those 1 day or 1 week ones... Yes. I have never dated before. I'm a complete noob to guys and actual dating and relationships and all that fuzzy warm stuff.

I'm beginning to look desperate by putting these pictures up haha

I thought this girl was Park Bom with the corn!! But it's not, just another ulzzang couple.

They all ask me either one of these things:
1. "You're so chill and pretty and you've never dated? Is it because you haven't found someone you like yet?"
And I explain to them, I have liked a few guys in the past. And they were either just crushes that eventually faded away since I was too shy to do anything about it/ got over it, OR something just happened that made me realize that I can't like the guy. I have very specific 2 examples about this but I'll talk about my past with guys in another post. *sigh memoriesss*

2. "You're so chill and pretty! How do guys not like you?!?!?"
Oh boii, I have an answer to that too... Guys have liked me in the past. But they're all guys that I DON'T LIKE. These people say that I might be too shallow, but I disagree. Like this current situation, I have to admit that the guy that likes me is actually good looking. Cute it more like it. But I don't like him, so it's not because I'm shallow. They also say that my standards my be too high. Okay I might give in to that because I need a lot of things in a guy. Looks are important to me, but I can let it go if you're really smart. But if you're dumb with no promising future, why would I want to be with you? And I'm huge about being Korean or not. I actually do prefer Koreans, but as long as you're Asian, it's all good. BUT I have liked guys before for who they were! Like one of the guys that I'll talk about in the future....

Actual Korean married couple. Look so happy

And that brings me to talk about the most recent things that have happened.
I'll talk about T because I think this... thing has died now. So I met him through friends in the beginning of this school year. And some stuff happened in between.......

Very "hinting" texts and chats went by and during winter break I saw him a few times too. He even came to my house for god's sake. I just knew that he liked me, but I couldn't find myself to like him back! He had everything an Asian girl would want.
-He's above average, much more cute than sexy,
-Really smart kid : I swear he's gonna make a ton of money in the future
-Cute personality : He knows how to make people happy by doing something weird haha
-He will NEVER get mad or yell back if you do something to him : Call him an asshole just for fun, he won't make a comeback. Call him an asshole when you're mad at him, he won't yell back and instead try to understand the situation (well this aspect is a bit of a turn-off for me because it shows passiveness and how he can't think of things to do and I like more active guys who can do things for themselves and always find something to do, but most girls LOVE that. You ask him for shopping money when you're married, he give to you, no question lol)
-Works in the same company as my dad... (I've decided I'll talk about T in a future post lol, our texts just have to be judged by an outside source haha)

T even came over to chill in my house. He even gave me a ride home from Boston and drove all the way back to where he lives without question (I have a thing with rides). But I just didn't like him!! My sister, Sarah, saw him and was even like, why don't you pursue him? Nope I just can't!! Besides, time has gone by so I believe his interest in me has died. SO GOOD FOR ME!!!

It's the Park Bom lookalike again. Not digging the cigarette thing, but I LOVE this pose

And the most recent situation.....

There's H. He lives on my floor.
-I thought he was Korean when I first met him, but he's actually Vietnamese. So there you go, he's good looking since he looked like a "typical" Korean. But he's actually 7/8 Viet and 1/8 French. He French side shows in his nose as, I have to admit, it's very good looking. (LOL COMPLIMENTING A NOSE?!?!).
-Tallish : but taller than T
-Very thick Vietnamese accent :  Yes, he's a fob, but it's cute.. (I tend to like fobs, I just love when people switch languages just like that)
-We take the same class, so we do homework together and stuff and text each other when we're going to class.
-Going into Pre-Dental : There's a future manggg
-Nice personality

Anyway, I DEFINITELY KNOW he likes me. He's so suggestive, is that the word?, and I always try to change the subject. He always helps me carry my stuff when I'm about to go on a trip or home. He met my dad because he wanted to. Always tries to come in my room when I tell him not to. And when we was drunk, he acted soo stupid around me....

Besides the drunk part, he's a VERY nice kid too! He's very nice to girls (isn't that a bad thing? haha) and always tries to help. I don't know what I did that made him like me. I mean, it must have been just my natural personality that attracted him or something. BUT I DON'T LIKE HIM EITHER! Like, even my dad was like, oh what was that good looking guy's name again? He has the looks and the personality that I like, but I can't find to like him back.

Like, Asian girls like him a lot - I can tell that there are a couple of girls that are interested in him, but there's one reason why they back off. He has a girlfriend. WTF?!?! Then why does he try to go after me all the time then? He personally told me that there has been rough things going on between him and his girlfriend, but it's still just weird...

The fact that the likes me while he's still with a girl isn't the reason why I don't like him, in fact, I found out about that way after I learned that he liked me. I JUST DON'T. Maybe it's because he's not Korean. Maybe he just doesn't fit my standards that well.


I'm just tired of this. If ONE MORE GUY comes to like me and I don't like him, I might just go desperate and just go for it ( LOL.... well.. most likely I won't).

I'm not in middle school where dating isn't really serious, nor should it be taken seriously (except for those few exceptions hehe). I'm in college now. I'm going to be 20 in LESS then 2 years!! How crazy is that?!?! This is the time to get into serious relationships I believe because, I DO want to get married in the early-mid 20's ( YES IT'S TRUE). That means I need to find a sexy man soon lol. Besides, you should be trying out serious relationships at my age because people find the right guy around their mid 20's and then get married around the 30's. I want to try out that silly couple ring thing... I want to flirt and tease openly without having to have second thoughts. *sigh*

The famous key lock thing they have in Korea's Tower. *dreams away*

But if this just keeps up, how I attract guys I DON'T like, I'm going to be single for the rest of my life and live alone and become not a cat lady, but a bird lady.... *siiigggghhhh*

I KNOW! It's a cartoony thing, but STILL CUTE. I want to do that lol

If you want to introduce me to anyone, just tell me!!! I'm at a point where I will accept blind dates! lol