Thursday, November 24, 2011

Palty Hair Dye: Jewelry Ash Review

The first thing I do when I get back from for the wonderful Thanksgiving break: DYE MY HAIR.

Jewelry Ash

I ordered two boxes of the famous Daryiya Palty hair dye in Jewelry Ash. For those that don't know, Daryiya is a Japanese brand that is most well known for their Palty hair dye collection since they have a really nice range of different hair colors.

Some boxes, I believe these are a new line of colors since the application style is different

These are just SOME of their available colors! SO PRETTY

Anyway. I was attracted to use this brand for a few reasons.

FIRST! I wanted to dye my hair a darker and a slight purple undertone. I hate orange hair now.
Second, I've heard of this brand for so long, I just had to try it. And the jewelry ash color is so freakin' pretty
Thrid, I read a lot of shitty reviews and I want to make one that actually has truth in it MUAHAHA thasright

So I got home and opened up my package right away!

You can compare the lighting quality with the picture of the jewelry ash above lol
Okay, first of all, the colors don't even match the color on the model on the front of the box. And from the looks of it, it just seems like it makes your hair lighter than what it is now. I mean, why would you get some funny color if you had blonde hair? Usually if you have blonde hair, the color is even MORE like the color on the box.... So that's my first sketch feeling about this.
The things inside the box :) I love how it's all pinkk
Instructions all in Japanese... I had to look online to find an English translation haha.
But it looks cute!
There's a cut out on the back of the box to put in the bottle so you can mix the chemicals easier or something...
People must have been really stupid to have to make this little invention... lol
you can see the twix I ate
SO! Let me show you what my hair looked like before I started to dye it! And yes, I know my hair is pretty damaged. I had a digital perm a while back and it's still growing out and I refuse to chop it off all at once because I like my hair long. I've been trimming it bit by bit, so it's really not that bad compared to when I first got it. Honestly, I like my hair. #leavemealone

My hair is orange-brown as I explained here.

Hair up really close. You can kinda see in the upper right side that it's really light.. I have this like random streak of blond hair because of the effects of being the sunlight haha
*no changing in lighting and I just used my old sony digital camera*

*next few pictures are taken with my shitty 4Gen ipod touch just to show different lighting*

Looks SUPER orange!


Just to let you guys know, I'm not one of those people who don't wash their hair for like two or more days before dying it. I honestly don't care about that shit. I take showers every night, so before I would normally take a shower, that's the time I would dye my hair. So yeah, the last time I washed my hair before dying it was the night before.

I had to find a trash bag so that the formula wouldn't get on my awesome shirt.

Anyway, I put the good stuff on my roots first since the gross dark brown was growing in. I left it in for about 5 minutes. Normally I would leave it in about 5 more minutes, but because this brand apparently has a bit of bleach in it, it doesn't take long for the coloring to work.

Oh and one thing I noticed immediately was that IT DOES NOT SMELL. Okay, it was a VERY VERY VERY VERY FAINT smell, but seriously, if you compare it to other hair dye products, this is AMAZING!

Another thing is that one box was perfectly enough for me. A lot of people said that they would recommend two boxes... But I mean, I have long, but kind of thin, hair and it was enough. I don't know, up to you. If you have thick and long hair, then yeah, you should have two just in case.

It took me about another 10 minutes to evenly put in it in the rest of my hair. By then I could already see a bit of a color change in my roots!

The instructions said to leave it in for 20 minutes after and then wash it out. To be honest, I never follow the times in the instructions because I just follow by how my hair looks. Asian hair is usually thicker and if you have dyed hair like me, it just changes everything. My advice, go by your own instincts on how long or short you should leave the dye in... Don't leave it in too long cuz your hair will be all fucked up and then you'll blame people like me :)

I wiped some of the stuff off and you can kind of see the grey/light purple colors of the hair dye. excittinggg

So yeah, after 20 minutes, my hair looked strangely... Not jewelry ash or purple. In fact it didn't really look dark at all, which was what I was going for. Even my roots seemed... light.

I washed everything out and blow dried my hair to see the results!


It just made my hair a few shades darker.... -______-


Here are some before&after pictures to show you the amazing difference...

*nostrils flaring* OH MY GOD. REALLY? I should've expected this since the past reviews I've read and seen didn't seem to favor Palty too, too much.

BUT! Here are the pros to using this:
1. My roots are all gone!
2. My hair actually dyed really evenly. That random streak of blonde is pretty much gone and is the same color as the rest of my hair.
3. The product doesn't smell bad at all compared to every other hair dye out there!
4. Damage-wise, my hair is in the same exact condition as it was before. So healthy on the top and gross on the bottom because of my stupid perm.
5. The orange tints are all gone - so I guess it does has that "ashy" undertone to it even though it's basically a brown shade instead of purple/red.

1. No where near the color I've been wanting. I know that this has worked for some people, it does seem that it doesn't for most people, including me... And I've been dying my hair for so long - I know what I'm doing. But this is my conclusion to why this jewelry ash color failed me... This product apparently has bleach as I mentioned before. Therefore, it will only make you hair lighter and lighter and the effects of actually making it a purple color like the one showed on the box is not as strong as the bleach. Which is why the box shows that if you have blond hair, the end result isn't a more vibrant jewelry ash color, but a weird ashy brown color. My hair is an orange... So yeah. And I feel like I should've shortened the time... Maybe it wouldn't have been as light as it is now so that the bleach didn't keep on doing its thing.

Will I use Palty's Jewelry Ash again?

Probably not. But my final conclusion about this color is: DON'T USE IT UNLESS YOU START OUT WITH DARK HAIR. If you have hair color that's like mine or lighter, you probably won't get that ashy purple color that is so pretty :'(

BUT I will like to try out other colors by Palty! I feel like if I tried a might brighter color, it would've come out really nice. But I'm not the type of asian that will dye their hair blonde... Actually, maybe it might happen... I only have one life and I want to try it out before I need to get interviewed for some amazing job or something lol

SO OVERALL!!!!!!!.........

it's aiight

HAHAHA That's my review! I hope you found it much more helpful than the other shitty ones I've seen! 


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