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MBLAQ's Mona Lisa Fashion and Style

OK!!!!!! New post about getting MBLAQ's style in their music video Mona Lisa, which you can check out here:

(The quality is not as good as the other videos you can find on youtube, but that video belongs to the official youtube account and I want it to get more views muahaha)

Apparently, MBLAQ got a new fashion coordinator, which is pretty obvious because when I first watched this MV, I was like "wow.... they looks SOOO much sexier for some reason". If you watch their first music video "Oh Yeah", their clothes looked pretty good for a brand new group and them pulling up their shirts was definitely eye candy for girls lol.

Then you go on and see Y, and wtf they're like a fashionable superman or something.

Anyway, good for them for looking really stylish now. And as a matter of fact, the style that they're pulling off so well in Mona Lisa is my FAVORITE for both guys and girls. Why? Because it's a more mature yet young look, it's really stylish, and it goes perfect with the fall/autumn season that's coming up! If I had the money, I'd be buying clothes like this all the time and going out. If I had a boyfriend or some guy that I can play dress up with (haha funny thought), I'd be putting on clothes and showing him off.

I'm only going to elaborate on three of my favorite outfits shown in the music video... And don't worry, although these are guys, girls can definitely wear basically the same thing and pull it off just as well! (don't think it's because supposedly all Korean guys look girly....)

So there are three different looks in the MV. 

The first look you see when they walk in:

This look as a white and "wild" thing going on with the leopard print, and the eagle on Lee Joon's sleeveless shirt.

Second look is when then you see them dance in this abandoned building with a random gas station inside:

This is my favorite of the three looks and it's mostly black with hints of red (always a Fall combo). I'm loving the American flag print on Mir's pants, looks so funny! Anyway, it looks mature and of course, stylish. And trust me, girls and guys can wear this and look good.

And finally, the third is when they're outside of the building and in the parking lot thing:
(and wtf is with Mir's wingflap stuff? lol)
This look involves a lot of print and patterns, which is honestly very easy to find and wear....

So I guess I will explain this look. Just find a loose shirt with a print/pattern that is eye catching in a good way, simple accessories, maybe put on a jacket or blazer, and then wear simple jeans/leggings to tone the overall look down. If you wear print legging, you're gonna look stupid and crazy.... lol. Shoes/heels should be colorful.

Now here is outfit #1 ----- Thunder's outfit!

Here, Thunder is wearing a black mesh shirt. I've looked at quite a few places, a mesh shirts are a little hard to grab your hands on, and if you do, they're usually pricey. YesStyle has mesh items (for men and women), but like I said, it's pricey and if you want to get Thunder's style exactly, most likely you have to get a guy's shirt. Recently a lot of mesh stuff has been made as outerwear for swim suits or active wear, but you "always" have to wear something under. I don't think Thunder is wearing anything under but whatever. If you're a girl, please don't be all skanky and wear nothing under or just a bra... 344 has mesh tanks, and although they're really stretchy, they're so tight if you have the slightest bulge of fat it's going to be shown...

The white vest is a little longer than the vests you see in nowadays fashion (they're usually short up to the waist), but honestly, that can work too. Thunder's vest has these black belt strips, but those were most likely put on by hand. Really, any pure white vest with little black or whatever color details can work.

What I don't like about this outfit though are the pants... Thunder wears print leggings under a kilt or very baggy knee shorts. Actually I think it's a kilt. I personally think it makes you're legs look shorter. I guess you could do that but.... *cough*. What I think is a street-friendlier choice is to wear black and white leggings, maybe not as much pattern, or for the more conservative, skinny black jeans or simple leggings.

Shoes - figure it out yourself. It's infinite.

This is from Urban Outfitters and it's actually on sale now for only $19.99. I HAVE THE BEIGE ONE AHH I LOOOVE IT!

Outfit #2 ----- Lee Joon's outfit!

Lee Joon make's me drool, so I'm sure if a guy wears what he's wearing, he'll make me drool too. If a girl wears it and pulls it off, damn, she's just hot and stylish. Anyway, his look is very simple as it's all black. What I love about it is that although it's all black, it doesn't look plain. The only problem is that you should be skinny/thin to wear this because of the style of pants he's wearing.

I LOVE his shirt. It's fit yet it looks loose and baggy and has a deep scoop neck thing - it adds curiosity because people like me want to see skin lol. You may think these shirts are easy to find, BUT THEY'RE NOT!

On top of that, he's wearing a tight mesh or knit cardigan. It doesn't look like it but IT IS a bit see through. The good thing about mesh or knit is that they stretch and fit you easily and show off your curves lol. The cardigan is the average cardigan length and has no buttons whatsoever. This is also hard to find... I searched many stores and they just don't make mesh things in this country or pretty knit cardigans.....

The hardest part of the outfit to pull of are the harem pants. I, as well as every Korean, call them "ddong ba-ji" or "poop pants" because they look like you took a shit in your pants LOL! I just learned recently that they're called harem pants. Anyway, you MUST be thin to wear them because they make your legs look shorter and fatter, usually. But the one Lee Joon is wearing is pretty nice because the baggy part of his bottoms aren't that low. And girls can wear the ones that end in the middle of the shin because they're cute.

Outfit #3 ----- Mir's outfit!

Mir's outfit is pretty cute and honestly, it kinda only works for guys. But whatever, I don't care.
I'm loving his dark red shirt because of the print on it. It's simple, clean and it doesn't hurt my eyes. Any dark color can work, but red is always paired with black for fall style. So good luck trying to find something like that in stores.

On top, he's wearing a very simple black collar button up shirt whatever the hell you call it. But it can't be just any one because his is long sleeved (just rolled up which gives it more style) and it has that extra thing on top of the shoulders with the snap on, gold buttons. Those things give more volume to your shoulders like shoulder pads, and it gives it a more edgy feel which fall fashion is always about. And the collar should come out like this. If you don't like that, any other black blazer or collared jacket can work just as well.

As for bottoms, simple black skinny jeans work the best. And if you want you can add any flag of your choice on the front, top half of your pants. Or just simple chains can do the job.

I hope my explanation's gave a little more insight of what the MBLAQ members wore in their awesome music video! And I hope you can go shopping with a bit more ease on what kind of look you want to wear when you go out on the streets (or you can dress up your boyfriend as a gift hahhaa). Of course, you can vary it to however you want to, it's all up to you. It's already hard enough to find pretty clothes the way I want in stores... (Online shopping is the best because you can buy stuff from across the freaking world)

I promise, If you just follow what I said, you can be looking like MBLAQ and stylish for the fall :)

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