Thursday, July 21, 2011


SUPER SLEEPY but this will be quick, I promise!!

And Simmie, if you're reading this, let's talk when I wake up okay? hehehe finally we will be able to talk!

SO. Today is officially my birthday, but I honestly have nothing to be really excited about since I HAVE TO WORK UNTIL FREAKING 9 PM and on top of that, my mom's bible study group thing is coming over... So instead of celebrating my coming to the world with people I actually have fun with and care about, there are going to be I think 3 different Korean families with really young children - starting to dislike kids a lot now - AND OUR CHURCH'S HEAD PASTOR will be with me the moment I get back from work... The pastor dude is apparently going to pray for all of our families and the leader of the bible group thing told me that she's going to have a strawberry shortcake and a bunch of prayers all ready for me for my awesome birthday.

HOW EXCITING! ...............................................

I'm ready to kill myself. 

Seriously, I'm already a bit "ehh" feeling that I have to work on my birthday, but have religious stuff going on? OH HELL NO. And yeah, it's nice and all for you to get a strawberry shortcake for me, but unfortunately, I don't like strawberries in cake. I like to pig out on something with chocolate, but whatever I guess it's unhealthy for the adults and kids that will be there. whoop-de-doo

Aside from all of that junk, I'm not particularly excited for my birthday in the first place. I have like.... no one REALLY close to me, friend-wise, that lives near me anymore and I would personally love to just go out with my sisters and my cousins from Korea and just chill and then dress up and go eat at someplace nice, but they're not here yet....

PLUS - I don't want anything for my birthday either that is actually possible to get. I want plane tickets to Korea for next year summer. Or money to allow me to transfer to Boston University. Or a perfect husband already set up for me. I guess the only real thing I can ask for is a new iPod because mine is so old now that it can't sync with any computer now and some money.

With that money that I know that I'll be getting since, yeah I'm freakin' 19 now, that's the only good thing that you can get from Korean families at that age, I can buy a bunch of clothes online.

SOOOO I went on to just check out the styles that they had so that I can go on cheaper sites to get similar styles. Then I discovered something about this site.


Okay, maybe it's not that great but still... I was just...disappointed. I know that YesStyle doesn't make the prices - it's the individual companies that are hosted by YesStyle that decides the price. And Asians all copy from each other and order from the same designer company - so it's very common to see the same pieces of clothes at different shops. But this is ONLINE and I thought things were just better than that.

What I saw:

S.Korean "brand", BBON-J has this "convertible hooded knit cardigan" for freaking $58.50
And the next two pictures were on the page for this..

And then I found that S. Korean "brand", JUNY has an "asymmetric-hem hooded knit cardigan" for $52.20.
And then here are two pictures from this brand page:


Okay, okay, it's not even a huge price difference, but I'm cheap and picky. (Who want's to pay $50+ on this kinda ugly thing anyway?) Seriously, this is online. You can try to hassle and bargain with prices in real life if you find the same clothing at a different store, but online you can't. This is just another way to rip people off easily. Thanks online clothing websites.

(funny thing is... the one that's priced higher is advertised better as the girl is prettier and more stylish looking. People are just too smart to rip off poor people like me. >M<)

But yeah. Lesson of the day, do your "research" when online shopping for better deals.

Goodnight. Hopefully I'll have an alright birthday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kinda Quick

This will be quick since I'm really sleepy and I just want to update my blog with something that isn't as negative as my last post lol. And it's been only a few days I think, but it feels like a month has already passed because a lot of things happened and today was the first day that I actually got to RELAX.

I know I've been really moody in the past posts, but I think everything has gotten a bit better since I haven't seen or talked to any shitheads lately. I can't remember what I did in the last week, but it has been busy. I remember that I was left behind to go to Six Flags and I missed out on a ton.... Especially when everyone told me that I could've been REALLY GOOD friends with D2 after..... My sisters now have a much better impression of him now that they know him - figures... I'm true to my word when I said that I don't have interest in him anymore, but I am still curious of how he is like. And because I missed out on meeting new people and just getting to know his true personality, it does bother me.

Then I know that James and Angela slept over our house the same day they went to Six Flags and that was fun because they told me a lot about D2 and the different scenarios I could've been in with him and his girlfriend lol. And I found out that he is going to Boston University (FUCKING JEALOUS) but that's funny because I plan to go there a lot when the school year comes around ;) So who knows?

Then I know that we all went to church together. They had no fun because they felt awkward with our church people - which is understandable since I don't really enjoy my church that much and that day everyone was just being a poo. And one of the girls from the 4th of July thing showed COMPLETE DISRESPECT to James which obviously pissed me and James off since he didn't do anything so damaging to deserve that, but I told him that we're better than her since we didn't say anything back to make ourselves become better than her. We just let her soak in her own wants and needs. But other than James and Angela complaining about how boring our church was compared to theirs (well DUH you don't know anyone, that's how my sisters felt when they visited their church but it's okay since they're still young and they didn't bother us too much about it) but I thought it was actually the first time that I enjoyed going to church in a long time. For the first time in a long time, I talked to other people in my church other than the girls (I avoid them now since they're shitheads anyway lol) and it was fun. There's this one guy who's actually Christina's age, but I like him a lot as a friend. And he always bugs me about me buying Dunkin' Donuts for him since I'm the nuna. He and this other guy - he's got swag lolol - were both talking to each other and for once I went up to them to bother them and we talked quite a bit. Then the guy wanted to go and get drinks and the deal was he'd take me if I bought him something haha. The three of us drove together and I bought them drinks - they were really nice about it since they bought the cheapest thing - they didn't want me to spend a lot on them unlike some shitheads cuz we're all chill. And I bought one large coolata for my sisters and James and Angela to share, but one of the shitheads kinda misunderstood and drank some for herself -____-

Other than that, that was a good day as we also watched the last of the Harry Potter series. And THANK GOD it's over because the series suck. Only the third movie was good. I haven't even seen the last 2. And the movie was bad. The ending was worse. Ron is fat now. That's all that I could really remember. But it was fun just being together.

And today I just feel super accomplished - not that I did anything amazing. But since I stayed home ALL DAY with no bad things happening, I just feel good. I woke up feeling good. Ate a decent amount of food that didn't make me feel fat at all. Watched a bunch of stuff online. And drew some stuff. I haven't drawn in SO LONG and when I started to draw, I felt really happy and proud of what I drew. It came out pretty good for someone who hasn't drawn since... I don't even know. I love it when I fill up the entire paper with similar drawings and I was doing that today. Well, I didn't fill up the entire page, but I will soon. And hopefully I'll gain enough skill to draw clothes again. I really want to draw 2NE1 style soon! WITH THEIR FACES!

Anyway. I just feel good today. Hopefully I'll feel this good for a while, at least until my birthday... which is coming up real soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Angela's Birthday + The Guy I USED to Like + A Bit of Today

Yesterday, the 10th, was her official birthday, but we started celebrating it the day before that. Every year before we would go to six flags, but this year we decided to do something more simple. Because I was gone in Boston with my friend Amy, her and my sisters went to the mall and went shopping. Apparantly there was GLOW IN THE FREAKING DARK MINI GOLF!!!!!! And this laser maze like the ones you see in those spy movies, dodging the lasers. HOW DID I MISS THAT IN THE MALL!

Anyway, then we would go to Minado... THE BEST BUFFET EVER!

It's no ordinary buffet. It's a Japanese seafood buffet, and it's just too good for words. But for the 5 of us, dinner on a Saturday night cost us FREAKIN $31.50 EACH! So add the drinks, 10% and then 15% tip to all of that... That was $200 just gone in our tummies. I can't say that it wasn't worth the price, but I sure wish I ate more because it's so much cheaper during the weekdays for lunch. 

This was my first plate. UDON IS SO GOOD. Usually I went up at least 8 times, but that day I only had it once. REGRET IT! So yeah, mandoos, salmon terriyaki, fish, chicken, rice, fried shrimp, takoyaki cake (SO GOOD), beef, more fish.... THEY ALL TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!!!!!

This was Sarah's plate of sushi... SO GOOD FOR A BUFFET!

Desert plate. SO GOOD TOOOO!!!

Our waiter sucks at taking pictures, but that's okay haha, I think we had a total of 15 plates. I wish we hit 20 but next time..... we will. MINADO IS SOOOO GOOOD!

Then we went to Angela's house and planned to sleep over. Unfortunately, Angela's mom was going to Korea and wanted my opinion on her 5+ outfits and I was just exhausted from Boston and stuffing my stomach. I knew that if I slept over I wouldn't  be even awake to talk. I'd just fall asleep, so I just went home with my mom and knocked out.

Then my sisters and Angela and James all went to church - their church.

*The Guy I USED to Like Part*
So D2 goes to that church and both James and Angela were so excited to introduce me to him, but since I didn't sleep over and I didn't go to their church in time, I didn't meet him. D2 is now dating this girl named Pearl (lol) in secret apparently. They were seen holding hands and she was like blowing into his ear lololol. And plus, she's 3 years younger. He's my age if you didn't know... Anyway! When James introduced my sisters to him, they got a pretty boring/bad first official impression of him (they have met before like 3 years ago or something). D2 didn't even LOOK at my sisters when he said "hi". The girl is ugly according to my sister Sarah in real life and even Simmie went crazy about how ugly she was by looking at her facebook pictures LOL. So I've decided, I'm going to give up on him. I mean.... Sure I may be better than her in looks, definitely style according to both my sisters, I'm older, I know Korean (she looks and acts completely white washed and D2 is like... fob-ish), and my personality is THE BEST (haha NOT!). But if I'm going to like a guy that dates a girl like that... NUH-UH HONEY I AIN'T GONNA LOOK AT YOU.

Seriously though... I'm disappointed in the guy since I've had interest in him for so long. He's just too good looking. But OH WELL! I probably should've seen it coming. I prefer guys like this anyway (lol):



I LOVE HUGH JACKMAN. But this is just a funny picture of him being wolverine lol

Angela's comment on the entire thing. " GO BACK INTO YOUR OYSTER PEARL!" lol she sho silly.

But the six flags trip is still on and James is going to introduce us nonetheless. But I don't care eh eh eh eh eh


Okay anyway, after the church stuff, we just went to HMART and pigged out there. Then I felt really bad for not sleeping over like a promised and I didn't get her anything BIG for her birthday, so I bought Angela these cute markers and a notebook, which I know she's going to write in it like crazy about Kim Bum or something.

Angela, Sarah, and Christina all so happy

Then we played on the side of the road outside of HMART because we were bored.

There's Sarah playing with nature with Angela, me looking retarded, and Christina looking at something.

Then we ended the day by watching Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon in 3D. We wanted to watch it in Imax 3D, but there was no Imaz theater that was showing it near us. Watching it a second time was just as fun! I LOVE ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY. SHE'S SO SEXY WITH HER MODEL BODY

Then we attempted to get a Transformers action figure in those cheap crane games and ultimately failed.

I want a bumblebee poster now.....

So yeah. Angela's birthday was really fun :)


So I hate money. I bought this really cute shirt. I really wish I didn't buy it. But I did. I'll post pictures of me wearing it someday... <- that's the site with the exact shirt I got... But it was $38... I regret it because I don't have money!

Then I went on YesAsia to buy one more thing for Angela's birthday. I got her a poster with her new obsession Kim Bum :

First, Lee Minho, Kim Hyung Joong, Kim Bum, Unknown Korean Man. Still think they're all ugly lol


2PM's HANDS UP SPECIAL EDITION POSTER!! I don't know why I bought it. When I saw this, I just had a vision... I'll talk about it next time, but it involves changing my room decorations and this would just fit perfectly. Besides, I LOVE the HANDS UP MUSIC VIDEO! I WANT TO GO CLUBBING AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR OUTFITS!

But the total came out to be... $31.00 about.... I mean I get a free poster too... But still..... I HAVE NO MONEY!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY KOREA FUNDS!?!?!

I get a free JYJ limted edition poster.... I love them, but... They just came out bad in this except for Junsu, which is actually strange to me even though he's my favorite. He always comes out weird, but not in this one... strange....

So that means I spent $70 + today....

And now my college buddies want to go meet up tomorrow in Boston. I said I could make it, but the money is what's killing me. Like... I'm really happy that they want me to be with them, but.... still...

And another thing! My oh-so-sexy Mongolian friend texted me a few days ago and now we plan to meet up for coffee or something next week, THAT'S MORE MONEY! But I was super happy about this for a few reasons. She was the first person from my college that has actually reached me out to just hang out FOR REAL. Plus, I thought she didn't care about me much since she's older than me and much sexier (her body and her voice and her style and her personality... all sexy). But she STILL wants to be friends with someone like me!?!? I was really happy about that. I know I'll definitely meet up with her soon.

But the college buddies for tomorrow.. I don't know. It's supposed to be REALLY hot and raining tomorrow. I miss them, but I HAVE NO MONEY UGH!!!!!!

What to do?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!

Oh well. At least things are getting better - life wise. Money -wise, it's terrible.
Time to sleep. Well first watch some episodes of The Glades, then sleep. Oh baby I also want to say I have a few blog posts I want to put up soon that are more interesting than the past few bitch rants. :)

Peace&Love everyone. Night~