Friday, June 29, 2012


You probably have heard of the brand BOY LONDON a lot in the past year. I mean, who hasn't after Rihanna was seen wearing it in her music video and other TV appearances? The BOY logo is so simple that it's hard to forget what the brand is after seeing it just once.

But something bothers me about how Boy London became a very well known brand in a relatively short time in very recent times.

Why should I care when their clothing is simple yet edgy, not thaaaat expensive, and when you wear this brand you automatically feel connected to the celebrities that also wear it? I love their shirts and I'm going to so online hunting to get something soon lol
Well, it's because the day after Rihanna is noticed to wear this brand, BOOM, everyone wants to buy Boy London clothes and it becomes one of the trendiest things in fashion!

**Okay, I don't know if Rihanna or Jesse J or someone else started wearing it first. But I believe it was Rihanna that started the trend because she's so much more freakin' famous than a lot of other people and she's KNOWN for her fashion besides her music. And I listened to a radio talk show and they were all agreeing that it was after Rihanna that Boy London because so popular in this country. **

Going on, why must it have been after Rihanna that started the trend? WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN ME?!?!?! 

Many years ago, the summer before I started high school, my mom and I would take random trips to TJ Maxx because sometimes you can find really good clothes for a cheaper price. And everyone knows that TJ Maxx can have high brand name stuff -- but they'd never be the latest clothes that they brand is showcasing. And then when it comes to their brand name stuff that isn't as famous, it is usually "common" people brands. What I mean by that is that those brands are so common that you can find them in any mall and their clothes usually aren't even the trendiest thing at the moment (ie. American Eagle, Free People, DKNY, Calvin Klein, etc.).

During that summer, I went to TJ Maxx and I remember finding some shirts that really appealed to me and they all had an eagle on it with 'BOY LONDON' right under it for less than $15. I WORE BOY LONDON CLOTHES IN FREAKIN' TJ MAXX 6 YEARS AGO WHEN NO ONE REALLY KNEW ABOUT IT! One was brown too, unlike the black and white they're sporting at the moment.

Hahaha, so yes, this is why Boy London bothers me a little (not really it's all jokes) -Because I wore it years ago without having that celebrity connection with it, and I got a lot of compliments wearing that shirt, but not enough to make it a trend like Rihanna. Why don't I have the same power as her? haha. Too bad I threw those shirts away too! regreeettttttttttt

But it's okay because I know in the back of my head that I'm one of the people who wore Boy London way before it became super famous. And I can't lie that their clothing looks really good!

This is my favorite coming from Rihanna! It's so simple and cute, but the logos give it an edge to it. I want the hat too now. I'm also looking through their official site and their "NEWS" seemed to have started when Rihanna was seen wearing it on her "You Da One" music video. Well Jesse J was first, but I really doubt people notice her for her fashion more than Rihanna. I guess I was right.

Then here's Nicki Minaj with pink Boy London - of course.

Even BE@R BRICKS! wtf. seriously, Boy London becomes soooo well known to the point it's on the famous bears.

And of course I have to mention how Taeyang and the rest of the BIGBANG members were seen wearing their stuff! So here's Taeyang with the bold BOY hat... that's it I'm going to get it and become a poser lol

And here's all of Big Bang pulling Boy London together during their "Fantastic Baby" performances!

I love G Dragon's pink hair extensions and white Boy London shirt with ALIVE pants lol.

And here's the website BOY LONDON and you can check out for yourself how I swear to god it was all because of Rihanna that started the trend. There are a lot of promotional pictures, you can even see Big Bang on there! 

I hope to see more clothing from the brand, there's so little on sale on their own website. But I guess it's better that way because it's the simple-yet-bold feel that comes out from their clothing. That way, it's easy to personalize by wearing it with different things to make it your own :)

So I'm proud of myself of kinda being a fashionista - at the wrong time lol. 

now I'm going to do my hunting for Boy London stuff


so the last big bang picture that i have in my blog is actually a picture that I EDITED. I originally posted it on my tumblr and i guess someone has been taking them, i don't know. But it made it's way to the official BOY LONDON twitter and they made a little tweet WITH MY PICTURE and it gets 300+ retweets and 90+ favorites when my original tumblr post with this edit gets like... 20 notes... I guess I feel a little happy? lol I just wanted to share!

here's a screenshot and prove that really is MY edit. the original picture's background color is more blue but I made it pink and green.


  1. lol her shirt just says BOY, its like a very korean fake lololol

  2. The Boy logo looks like the NAZI imperial eagle