Monday, May 16, 2011

Guys I have liked

After posting and re-reading Why Do I Attract Guys That I DON'T LIKE, I realized that many things happened/changed with the situations I mentioned in there and I also want to update with those soon (*laughs away*). I also realized that I really should mention who I did used to like because that post made me seem like an extremely picky person who will just never find someone remotely good enough for me.

I promised myself sometime ago that I would post about guys that I HAVE actually LIKED before too. So here's proof!
Couple pic for your eyes

One of the guys (D1) that I liked went to my church a lot, but we've never talked to each other because we just had very different group of friends. And he was also a fob, so there was a bit of language barrier there. 
The very first time I talked to him was during a winter church retreat. There was like a mini game room where people just chilled and played ping pong. I saw D1 playing and I got a really bad impression of him at first because this girl told me that he get's too competitive with games and that he was secretly a jerk. But I didn't care at all.

The next day of the retreat, I ended up playing pool with a bunch of friends and D1 joined eventually. When I saw him I was like, "oh it's the tall jerkface" and just did  my thing. But then after playing and watching a couple rounds, I started to get a different impression of him. He helped the younger guys play pool better and played the guitar as he was waiting for his turn and stuff. I joked around and said that he sucked at pool, and then all of a sudden he got up in my face and jokingly said something like "yo you don't know how I play" and because I got a real close up look, I realized that he was a lot cuter than I thought. He had small eyes (I find that very cute!), he was really tall and skinny (I used to like skinny, not anymore lol) and he was really funny.

About two weeks after the retreat, I can confidently say that he was interested in me, at least in being good friends :p

One day, we were both waiting at my church to go to a Super Bowl party after service (it was a party with our entire youth group, not a beer fest type of thing). Since most people went home already or to the party, D1 and I started to talk. Even though my sister and a friend was with us, we did most of the talking. And when I look back at this, I have to admit, we were flirting here and there, I won't get into that (hahahaaaaaa). When I had to leave he was like, "I'll see you at the party". 

And we see each other at the party and instead of watching the Patriots play, we went off and talked some more and played card games with others. But when we were playing card games, he wanted me on his team all the time and taught me how to play, even though I already told him that I knew how to play.... teehee I could see where he was going with that.

Anyway, after that, we continued to talk, but after TWO Sundays, all of a sudden he tells me that he's moving back to Korea the NEXT DAY! There was a family situation and because he's a home-stay kid he had to go back. And GUESS WHAT?!?! I COULDN'T EVEN SAY BYE TO HIM (important situation came up...). 

THE END. THAT'S IT. NO CONTACT. Sad story really.... And this all happened during my sophmore year in high school. 

After stalking for a bit. D1 is now in California. And he looks very different. Better looking because he gots the muscle now hehehe. oh well I've moved on!

Ulzzang couple. I could be like this picture RIGHT NOW... if I had a man lol
And now let's move on to the other guy that I liked, which I shall call D2. D2 also went to my church, but the first day he came in, my eyes just WOULDN'T CLOSE. He was a lot taller than D1, a lot more stylish, and a hell of a lot better looking. And every Sunday, I would see him walk by and I'd just stare.

He didn't go into the youth service, but to the adult service, and that's how I knew that he was a fob. And one Sunday, I saw him walk past by me and my mom and then all of a sudden, MY MOM TALKED TO HIM. NO. not just talk to him, but touch his face and treat him like a kid, as she does with most guys that she knows, and D2 would say hi politely and chat for a bit and then leave. WTF MY MOM KNOWS HIM?!?!

By the way, he kinda has a Jung Yong Hwa or SE7EN look/style to him. 

SE7EN is so fine. And funny thing, D2 has this hairstyle at the moment LOL
ANYWAY, I asked my mom immediately how she knew who he was and she was like, OH he's my friend's son. His name is _____. And apparently, D2 was the younger brother of this girl that I was becoming friends with AND he lived RIGHT IN FRONT of our family friend's house that we went over often! Those have stories behind that, and I'll explain quickly. So there was this new girl named F and damn she had curves lol. She dressed really well and she was really pretty. We were getting friendlier as she went to the youth group services, unlike her brother. But one day we went to our friend's house for a housewarming party and I thought I saw her there, but I didn't bother because I was doing my own thing. But the Sunday after that night,  F came up to me and was like, "Oh Steph, were you at that party?" And I was. "OH! I wasn't sure which is why I didn't come up to you because I didn't want to seem awkward. If I knew it was you I'd bring you over to my house, which is right across the street!" And we were about to get each other's numbers so that we could chill in the future, but this asshole interrupted and BOOM never really talked to her again.

So yeah after that I learned that D2 was F's brother and I could've been good friends with her and then somehow get to know her brother more. Plus I found out that they were SUPER RICH, not that money matters, but I mean.... Their house is over $2 million in a really nice town in MA. Plus, he's apparently really smart and his dad is some big businessman in Korea. And his mom is really pretty and super nice for a ahjumma. sighhh, and my mom was friends with her.

D2 also brought his friends over to church once. He goes to a boarding school and because he's really nice, he brings his friends over once in a while to his house (because they got the extra space lol) and gives them like Korean food and stuff since his friend's family all live in Korea. What a kind guy huh? Anyway, when he and his friends came to my church, it was like having a boy band come in. They were all REALLY GOOD LOOKING AND STYLISH. Seriously... It's like having Big Bang, DBSK, CNBLUE, Beast, 2PM, B1A4 etc. etc. just walk into some small dingy church... I was amazed.

How would you feel if you saw a group of guys that resembled CN Blue just walk in right in front of you?
HUH?!?! Again, let me emphasize this, D2 really resembles Jung Yong Hwa!

We also went to a retreat together and luckily D2 and I were in the same small group, so we were able to chill for a bit there and get to know each other a little more. But he really preferred to speak Korean, but we were still chill. We also played games together and told funny stories, hehehe.. I remember.

And the Sunday's after that, D2 started to go to the youth services, and DAMN he changed his hairstyle and put more effort in how he dressed since you're a bit limited to how you dress in church retreats. My mind just blew.

But eventually, the entire family just stopped coming... They went back to their own church. My interest in him died obviously because the language barrier was kinda intense and we just never hung out (It KILLS me to know that I COULD HAVE through F but that thing was ruined...).

Now, he has a girlfriend that's OLDER than him and she goes to MIT?!?!?! Damn I was no match anyway lol

Besides I was fatter then lolololol I'm muuuch better now, therefore, I can find better guys right?

But isn't it nice to know that there are guys that look like ^THAT^ and aren't celebrities, but living pretty close to you? Damn, my first love better be worth it!! lololol I CAN DREAM RIGHT?!?!

So there you go, two guys that I have perviously liked, and they both ended pretty badly. Good things come out of the bad right? And third time's the charm right? hehe We shall seee~~~


    hehe i knew about these stories since you told them to me a long time ago, but it was run re-reading about it. at least you didn't have any BAD experiences with a guy you liked, they just sadly lost connection and stuff. so i'm sure the third time will be the charm.. even if it's not a super sexy guy. i was sort of exaggerating up there, i don't really need to be an ulzzang couple. but you know. it would be nice xD

  2. hehe okay i shall dye my hair red :) i was a bit hesitant, but your bold comment made me change my mind. i can always dye it back so it's cool :D and even kiyoung and eunah told me to dye it red. not red red, but there was one point where my hair was reddish (because it was super yellow, then i dyed it dark brown, it somehow turned reddish) and they said i should go back to that color.
    heehehe im sure if you come here and we hang out in hongdae, guys will be all over us. asking us to go to nights and stuff. RORS that is why you must come!
    yes we NEED to talk soon. i need some mental support. why must i be stuck with this fatcat fate.. it's as if everyone is getting skinnier and giving their fat to me. we NEED to catch up soon.. we should make an appointment or something. but because of london, i'll be gone.. unless we can talk this friday night for me? so friday morning for you? that's the only time i can talk until after i get back from my trip.

  3. i know, something better happen with the third! lol and yo... we will become an ulzzang-like couple lololol and have pretty sexy couple outfits lol and model-esque pictures :) yes yes dye it red!ok like i said, we better talk friday night for you!! i will be up for sure :) i need to make plans quickly!!