Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everything Is Connected

This is just a quick update of what's been going on and what future posts there will be....

Basically, there are a bunch of posts that I haven't done yet because it's finals week and I just don't have the time to write about it.

And of course I'm going t o write about.... HOW THIS WEEK SUCKED DRAGON BALLS.

I've just been having a really depressing week. I've been feeling lonely, sad, jealous, excited, and even angry. Yeah. Really, really angry. What's been making  me feel that way is a mixture of many, many things...

And the funny thing is that.... If I actually posted up the things I wanted to right after they happened, you can probably notice my depression and anger building up.

The things that happened this week just all... MADE SENSE.

Everything is connected to each other. The people I met, the things that happened to me, the things that I noticed, how I felt about certain things at those times... It just all came together this week and I'm just ready to blow up at someone and go on a crazy rampage and start throwing dishes at people.

I literally feel like this on the inside about EVERYTHING. I can't even focus on typing this stuff because it's reminding me of the shitty things and iuhsanwedsbfzjncuwinjk23rjwnekfnsdf.


OKAY. So it's the beginning of December. The Advent Season. The month when snow begins to fall, lights are decorating the streets, people have long vacations, gifts are being bought here and there. Trips are being planned among families and friends. Everyone is happy about the Christmas season or Hanukkah or whatever the hell people celebrate. The same month when people are jolly and fat pieces of shit that just sdfsdfsdfHGGFAGEF. *BREATHES AGAIN*

Why aren't I excited about the holidays? The beginnings of a new year? The only thing I'm excited is to get away from people... I need to be alone and strapped down in a white room for a month.

So yeah. After tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be typing away with the blog posts right up until what happened this week. Hopefully it'll get more of my stress out, and you will enjoy reading how stupid people are and how stupid I am...

Stay angry this season guys.

(you know I'm kidding, right? ho...ho... hoe.)