Sunday, May 15, 2011

Digital Perm... DON'T GET IT (unless you're in Asia)


I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE ABOUT THE LAST NIGHT of my first year in college!
Plus the bad times.... and even more good time. But that will come later as I organize my thoughts and my blog since I still want to change some things about it. Besides, I also broke my camera, so yeah... I need to fix that problem.

Anyway to the main point..

So on May 5th, I was home to take a break from studying for finals that was coming up and I really wanted to do something different with my hair. The red hair that I had before like in the previous post, I Dyed My Hair... AGAIN, went away... This was actually the first time that color had faded dramatically for me. Now my hair looks like a dark brown now.

After experiencing a reddish hair color, my overall opinion on it: Don't dye your hair a reddish color unless you're in Korea and with a professional hair stylist. They're just that good and their products are just 100000 times better than the box stuff.

Like I said, I wanted to do something new with my hair. It's really long now - I can officially say that it's right below my boobs. But because it's long now, the natural waves and curls that I had in my hair were kinda too loose because of the overall weight of my hair. So I lost volume and it looked a lot straighter, not because it was getting unhealthy or anything, my hair was still really soft! My bangs are also getting really long, but I want to grow it out. I need to look my age now and not just some young girl with the bangs. I want to look more mature and sexier you know? lol 

And I eventually found out what I wanted. I still want my bangs to grow out and I want to keep my long hair so I can do many different styles with it. BUT I ALSO WANTED to have nice,natural looking, big curls without having to blow dry or curl my hair all the time. And digital perms were the answer! 

Very natural looking and bouncy

These curls are smaller, but it still looks pretty!

So this is before and after, Even though these curls look a little more "rough", it still looks sexy to me!!

I honestly wanted any of those above looks and more, you can look at them online really and get a good sense. Digital perms also cost from anywhere from $100 to $200 (possibly even more, but I'm not too sure) depending where you go and how long your hair is.

I was getting really excited and called the lady that I go to all the time, and she even gave me a discount. She only charged me the price for short hair, which was $130. Oh and an important note, she gave me the "biggest curls".

So the process was kinda annoying. basically you need to have wet hair and then it's wrapped around to make the curls and then hooked up to this heat machine. The total process about about one hour for me.

Then she takes everything out and washes the chemicals out and dries my hair. 

As I look into the mirror, I could only put on a fake smile. 

WHAT DA FACK?!?!?!?! MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! I DID NOT get the "biggest curls". They were FRICKIN SMALL ASS CURLS and SO NOT NATURAL LOOKING. I mean the lady is Korean too... shouldn't she have known what kind of hair I wanted?!?!


My hair was so soft and long, little curls/waves still existed...
Looks more straighter as I said before

Seriously, my hair looked like a frizzy gypsy lady...

I don't and will not have any pictures of my hair after the perm. I wanted to cry when I got home. My hair had so many fake looking and ugly curls! I didn't want anyone to see me. And what was worse is that my hair GOT MURDERED. It wasn't soft anymore and it just felt gross, even after taking a shower and using hair packs to treat it... And the split ends got SO MUCH WORSE. And because my hair was dyed, it looked more dead than ever before.

The only good thing was that my bangs weren't touched (I didn't let the lady touch it) and digital perms don't curl the first third - the first half of your hair since it's SUPPOSED to look natural like in the pictures above. 

It's been about a week and a half since my disastrous perm, and it'd gotten a little better thanks to MY hair care skills. 

What did/do I do now? I use the same shampoo and conditioner as I always use before since it's good stuff. But I leave the conditioner in my hair longer than what I would usually do because my hair needs to soak up the goodies. And every other day or so, I use a hair pack, like keratin formulated conditioner for my hair so that it feels softer. After I take a shower, you can still see the gross gypsy lady curls. But I brush it straight and then tie it into a bun and then wait for it to dry a little and then go to sleep. When I wake up, my hair feels much better and the curls look more natural.

As of NOW, it doesn't look as dead and the color doesn't look as burned as before. It's also gotten softer. But the curls are still there.... And unfortunately, I have to cut it soon! I can't completely get rid of the traces of the gypsy lady curls and I can always tell that it's not as soft as it can be... I REALLY WANT even LONGER hair, but I just can't... And NO WAY can I dye it anytime soon. Although I was about to dye it a bright orange color soon. 

Like the middle girl
Hyuna's color!... Sigh... the curls...

Bit too orange, but I only have one life :)

I just wanted a new hair change. And the digital perm fucked me over...

After experiencing the perm, my overall opinion... DON'T EVER GET IT!!! Unless you want to look like a  gypsy lady OR if you're in Asia (especially Korea) where the pros REALLY know how it's done. 


  1. HAHAHAHA. idk how to read, so once i learn, i will properly read this blog. i like park bom. hurhur das ok if you have gypsy hair. :P just take EXTREMEMLY good care of it (aka hair serum, mask, etc) and then like style/curl it again yourself (with heat protect stuff) although it will take a while XP better than nothing. you should always take care of your hair what am i saying?

  2. I really want to know if the digital perm works on Caucasian hair!! I would love one :(

  3. ROR the word gypsy lady made me laugh every single time you said it.. but it sucks how she fucked up your hair :( i still really want to see a picture though. and why is it called a digital perm? why digital? o.0

    i'm gonna dye my hair soonish! still not sure of the color.. i was thinking a reddish brown, but a lot of the time those come out weird. maybe i should just do another dark brown thing. and yer my natural curls are all gone too, because my hair is so fucking overweight. i have natural curls sometimes, but by the end of the day they're all pretty straight. i still have volume though, probably because my head is big. xD

  4. digital perms work for any hair, i just recommend you get it done by asians in asia lol

    hurrhurr gypsy ladies are aiight lol maybe ilk take a pic and secretly send it to you hahha you'll be shocked :O

    DYE IT RED! its gonna be youre last chance, at least for a while and since youre in the land of beautiful and pro-hair people, i know it'll come out good! haha i know i want my curls back. you have thick / lots of hair you lucky betch ror

  5. instead of digital perm, you should try the usual perm with cones instead of the ordinary tubes ones, i tried it before and it came out really nice~ It's wider at one end than the other.
    Kind of like this

    If you'd like to try once more, then maybe you should try this instead of the others, my stylist for years told me that hair salons usually want clients to choose digital perm because it's more expensive when it actually doesn't last very long and have the overall same effect as the cone perm. Try it at an Asian salon this time :D
    Korean and Japanese hair salons are the best, mine's Japanese. I hope I can be of some help :DD

  6. omggg I just experienced the same thing!!! I wish I had come across your blog like, 2 days earlier.
    I didn't get a digital perm, but I sot of pointed to a model from one of those awesome jap fashion mags and told them that I wanted something natural-looking like that. After the whole process, I got gypsy RINGLETS (pretty much what you've described that look unnatural and...not something an Asian could pull off very well, imo. After the shower, it's like, violently gypsy-looking lol. It's still soft, but I can't say just yet - I just hope it doesn't fry my ends in the future ><. Gonna try your haircare tips - thnx! <3

  7. lolol aww im sorry for you!! those gypsy curls are seriously UGLY on asians lol. I never want to remember them again hahaha. but it'll all go away someday. I'm still in the process of getting my natural curls back, but my hair has definitely improved since my perm. :)

  8. cutting, colouring, Yuko straightening and digital waving system...
    Digital Perm

  9. just got my perm too & I really regret it T.T