Thursday, October 13, 2011

Columbus Day Weekend '11

So the past weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've had in a LONG time. A lot of good things happened and I heard of a lot of new news... So let me talk about it before I forget.

Friday the 7th, one of my friends, who is also my neighbor back at home, and my best Korean friend, Amy, and I took the bus together. Wow what a bad sentence, but I'm not really paying attention sorry.... hehe. Anyway we decided to take the 8:05 PM bus back to Boston. But before we left, we ate together and there was BULGOGI at our DC! They NEVER have good food, let alone real Korean food, there and it was just so good to have Korean food. They only have Chinese and Vietnamese and sushi there... Korean food is too expensive I guess :(

But that's because it's so freaking good!

We went for the bus and we find out that like 8 other people we knew were also taking the same bus as us, so that was kinda fun.

Then Amy and I got home. She decided to sleep over because her stay home guardians were going to pick her up the next day. She got to meet my lovely sisters and my cousin and we all had a pretty good night. Oh, and my dad was home for the weekend which was surprising because he's been in Utah for the past month.

We ate, talked, played games, and I revealed to all of them about the new guy that I've taken interest in... His new name is now pepperoni (LOL).

The day after that, we just hung out, and my neighbor came over (he's a guy so he wasn't allowed to sleep over hahaha) Amy had to leave early than expected, but we couldn't help that. But my neighbor friend and I wanted to go apple picking since he's never been to the town farm and we took my sisters and cousin too! And it was actually fun. Apple picking. I wasn't able to do that last year with my sisters because when I came back for the weekend, I drank so much and got no sleep so I slept for most of the time....  But we went! We picked SO MANY and I don't even think they'll be able to eat them all.

My favorite were the PINK PEARL apples! They're small and yellow, with a hint of pink, but when you bite into them, they're pink in the inside! It. was. so...... amazing. Surprisingly, they were the best tasting too.

Okay, they weren't THAT pink, but you get the idea haha
And we went to the "petting zoo" that was on the farm, but they freakin' changed everything so you can't actually pet them anymore. And the bunnies and pigs weren't there anymore... I wonder if they got eaten or stolen or something. But yes, that was fun. Jeero also did some funny stuff with the chickens and her nom nom, but I'm too lazy to upload the video hahaha.

Then later that night we said bye to my friend, who my sisters and cousin really liked hehe, and we just bummed around until church people came over. I didn't really pay attention to them, but the baby that was there was the CUTEST THING EVER and I just had to take a good picture with him... and videos too :)

So yeah, that was a fun Saturday.

Then on Sunday I felt terrible. I heard of the news about the passing away of a family friend of ours due to cancer. She was the mom of three boys, two are over 20 years old, and the youngest son is only about 11. I'm pretty good friends with one of the older ones since he was my group leader when I went out to my first mission trip for church in Philadelphia, and we just went to the same church for so many years. The youngest boy is also really friendly with me and I always joked around with him. My mom loves the youngest one and she was also really good friends with the mom.

I really liked the mom too. I've had lunch with her before when I would be tagging along with my mom. She would always compliment me about how much prettier I've gotten or how funny I was. And I just remember the good laughs and the "insas" we always did. But that Sunday, there was a special service at church and the wake or the funeral was that night (I can't remember which one was on that day).

But I didn't go because I overslept. Seriously though, I felt so disrespectful because I was getting angry at the fact that the whole funeral business was giving me a hard time with the things I was planning for the weekend. But I didn't go because I overslept? What kind of reason is that? And I can only imagine how hard it is for the family too. And I knew her pretty well too and yet, I didn't attend any of the services... I still feel bad, but I do think about still.

Other than that, for the rest of the day I just did my own thing. And of course my sisters my cousin and I talked on foreverrrrr. But we did get to sleep over our cousin's new apartment/house thing. I got my GD&TOP POSTER!!!! AHHHHHHH

But yeah, we ate KFC, leftover Chinese food, and talked and I did my nails.

The next day, my aunt and I drove around so that I could practice driving for my road test that was the day after. I sucked, but that's okay. We also went to the mall. I need a TON of new stuff because I've been making holes in all of my clothes.... And leggings... But I ended up only getting a plain white long'sleeved shirt. There was this really pretty jacket from Zara that I REALLY wanted, but the material felt so weird/bad/cheap that I didn't get it..... But it was SO PRETTY :( And it was only $99.90... I should've just bought it... I need jackets for fall.. And it's blue ahhhhh I'll stop now. My mom knows best and I listened to her...

I want it I want it.

I also wanted to buy a blazer at the cheapest place every, Forever21, but they were either ugly or they didn't have my size. Fuck you forever21. lol.

That night, I ate Chinese food AGAIN. It was just a grease fest for me. uggghhh.

So I was supposed to go to school that Monday night, but because of my road test, I didn't! So I got to spend more time at home~ Anyway, Tuesday morning, I went out to Haverhill, got my aunt's car and took my road test. I WAS SO FREAKING NERVOUS because I'm being TESTED.

The lady has such a kind heart. SO KIND. And I passed!!! I HAVE MY LICENSE!!! I was so shakey after and even she was like I know you're just nervous hahaha. But I took my picture and got my temporary license right after! BUT UGH!!! I CAME OUT SO UGLY!!!!!! And I have to keep that picture for a pretty long time :(

I can drive now guys. Watch out! HAHA

My mom was so nervous for me, yet happy. And my dad heard of the news and he took me and my mom out to eat Japanese food, which was go good. I told my dad how I was doing really well in school now and how I could've been teaching a class for a job. But I didn't have the guts to ask him about studying abroad to Korea for the summer... What I wanted to do was the impress him with my good stuff and then tell him about Korea, but I was too scared that he was going to say no... Oh well. next time?

Then my dad decided to drive me back to school. And along the way, he bought me good stuff ;)

Anyway, I had a really good weekend. I did a lot of stuff, talked about a lot of things, and slept a lot. Even though I had a shitty last night doing work that I didn't do over the weekend, it was worth it. I got t miss class on Tuesday, so it's a really short week for me muahaha.