Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Thinking about Summer....

I woke up today feeling all sweaty in my bed. IT WAS SO HOT! I even kicked my blanket off to the corner.
I had to turn on the AC pretty soon after I got up. It was only about 80 degrees outside, but it felt freakin' humid.

Then my mom came in and bought sushi, unagi~ It tasted pretty good for americans making sushi in a supermarket lol.

Anyway, all of this is just a sign of summer to officially begin. And I keep on rambling on about this, but I just can't wait! The bugs will be coming in.... humidity - oh god. July is my favorite month, so that means my birthday is coming up.... beaches.. being lazy... ice cream all day... the freedom can go on.

But then these things reminded me of my past two summers. For the past two summers, my mom, my sisters and I went to Korea for about a month each - both occurred for most of July. And since July is coming up, it's just reminding me even more of the fun times I had then.

When I went two years ago in 2009, that was the first time I had ever set foot in Korea. Before, I'd only dream of going to Korea because, for the most obvious reason, I'm Korean, but I've only been exposed to America. I watched so many Korean shows, movies, about %90 of my music are Korean, so it's natural for someone like me to want to go there. Of course I wanted to buy clothes there - Korean style IS different and I love it a lot more than the things I find here. And the way Koreans just live life, the way they just do things is different than how people do in the states. I just wanted to experience it all. At the time, I think it was about the second year that my cousin, Simmie had been living in Korea. My sisters, my cousin, and I are extremely close and we haven't seen each other in person for a looong time, so we wanted to see and hang out with each other in Korea. When I found out that our dad bought 4 plane tickets to go to Korea, I just wanted to jump off a cliff or something.

To make a long story short - going there was the best thing ever and I think it changed the way I thought about things a lot.

Last year, my dad joked about sending us to Korea and it really pissed me off because I was serious in how much I wanted to go. But he kept on saying stuff like, you want to go? well too bad, or I bought the tickets...just kidding we have no money and just made fun of the entire thing. And when he said that we were really going in July, I thought he was lying. But then I found out one day that we were leaving the country in 5 days... Seriously, 5 days was not enough time to say bye to friends and pack hahaha. But again, going to Korea was amazing and ahhhh just too much to think about.

Here's an ugly picture of me and my sister, Jeero pigging out. I miss real, authentic, Korean BBQ restarants!

And now here I am... I have a job that keeps me occupied during the weekdays until school starts again... My mom just sits in front of her laptop everyday watching something Korean or playing an Alzheimer-preventing game... My sisters hang out with their friends (my friends are all too busy with work too so we can barely see each other poo)... blah blah. There is just no way that I'm going to Korea this July. I've been begging my parents to send me to Korea just one last time this summer for a few reasons. First, the summer after your freshmen year of college is the best time to vacation since no one really wants to hire a college freshmen for any good internship. Two, my cousins are moving out of Korea by August, so I would have no real comfortable place to stay. Three, a lot of my friends were going to go to Korea too. Four, one of my newest best friends was going back to Korea to see her family and she was offering me a place to stay in Ulsan - a city in the south near the coastal city of Busan. Five, I would go clubbing for the first time with my friend - Korean clubbing looks soooo much more fun to me. Six, my friend that lives in Ulsan wanted to introduce me to some of her guy friends that she knew - some that know some English and some hat don't - because she knew that I wanted a boyfriend, even if it was just a friendly little thing for a short time.

But no.

No Korea this year.

But that's okay since I AM planning to go next summer. So all of those things that I was going to do if I went this year will happen next year. And this summer is going to be special in its own way too. Since I'll be able to drive around freely - soon I hope? I bet I'm going to fail lol....... not.... My cousin is going to move in a place that isn't too far from where we live. And I just be getting the real freedom that I never had while I lived in this  country.

The next big event, the official first one of the summer (to me), is a get together for the forth of July. I was talking about it with my sisters today and we want to go to Boston and eat ice cream, dress up, and watch the fireworks someplace there with a few friends of ours. So it'll be like an outing and we can pretend to be like... idiots acting like kids who've never seen fireworks before or something. Hopefully we make that happen. If not - we'll probably just go karaoke with other group of friends and then pig out someplace hahaha.

I want to see it in real life for once! Not just on HDTV with shit commercials in between lol

Yup. This summer is definitely going to be different than the past two that I had - but it's still going to be just as amazing~

 I mean... I did make a list of 99 things to do for this summer right? hehehe

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Guys!! I just want to let you know that I'm going to use Twitter now because I'm a wannabe noob haha

Just kidding I've been thinking about making one for a while now since it's a cute way of updating people with pictures - to me at least :)

And I get to follow some people and look at their pictures that aren't just found anywhere like:

Jokwon from 2AM - some of his pictures are actually really funny :)

Nichkhun from 2PM

His parents I believe haha

Lee Hongki from FTIsland

lol ugry

Lady Gaga

I looove group pictures like this, it's all happy :)

And there are, of course, a ton more. But that's all I can think of at the top of my head. (It's all good stalkin' kind of stuff hahahhaa im no stalker. trust me. :) )

So yeah... will I even keep up with the Twitter? I'll give it a try haha. It's going to be slow at first, but ehh

This is really telling me to buy a nice camera soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I AM IN LOVE WITH LEGGINGS! They're soooo comfortable and stretchy. And when I feel extra fat or something, wearing leggings feel so much better than tight skinny jeans and it does hide fat unlike shorts. And you can wear ANYTHING with them and create the most funkiest, but stylish things on the streets!!

I LOVE THE UNION JACK PRINT ON THIS! - btw for some reason I'm seeing Union Jack prints on EVERYTHING NOW!

As I mentioned in my past post, I got new leggings from my sister's, Sarah, friend at church. Yeah they're cute, but not exactly what I was looking for. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PRINT LEGGINGS - not to mention the ripped up ones, jeggings, and leggings with studs and stuff - but print leggings are so hard to find in the states and only exist in Asia, at least the pretty ones.

These are the two that I got recently:

As you can see, the black one with stripes is more fit for the winter time. And the green-brown one has a tribal print to it, which is cute and all, but me and tribal don't go very well. So it's going to be a bit difficult for me to wear these out in public and actually look good without anyone saying something strange about them haha. I can imagine that a plain, baggy, white shirt can look good with it with a matching scarf, and nice heels, but you have to be really skinny for that image to look good.... hmmm... Oh, and these are obviously from Korea!

I have other leggings that I bought from Korea last year during the summer in Myeong-dong, one my my favorite fashion districts in Korea. I love it so much because it's a bit different from the other fashion districts in that it has more street-style things whereas other places are more on the high-end styles. And Myeong-dong is CHEAP. Even though the quality is noticeably crappier, I don't care. It looks really stylish, young, and as long as you take care of your clothes, they can last for a long time even if it's made from bad quality cloth.

Anyway, the leggings that I got from Korea are theseeee:

These are my most favorite leggings of all!!! The one on the far left is really pretty since they have those "holes" and they're see-through, so you can see a bit of skin hehehe. sexy if I say so...

The middle one is imitating clouded jeans, which were, and still are (?) really popular in Korea and NOW the states are realizing how cute these are and catching up on the trend. (I swear I see more and more of these clouded jeans as the months go by, but Korea was CRAZY about them like 2 years ago... And people tell me that New York is the first in street trends... HELL NO I DON'T THINK SO!) But these aren't jeggings because they don't have that jegging feel to it.

And the one on the far right are the cutest to me. They're the true meaning of print leggings. I LOVE THEM you can really look stylish wearing these with the right outfit on the streets of New York and stuff.  But my problem with these are that THEY'RE SO TINY! I could never fit into them... even at my most skinniest stage. If I lost like 5 more pounds at that state, maybe I could've.... But I believe that I can fit into them soon, so I can't wait to wear these!

Love the hair lol

Like....Can you find these in the States?!?! I don't think so! Even if you can, can you beat the price of about 12,000 won each (~$12 ) ?! And that can be even considered pretty EXPENSIVE in Korea for those (whut???)I've seen really nice leggings in the states that are a bit similar, but they were like.... OVER $50!! And you can get Korean leggings in K-Towns like Flushing, New York and that giant HMART in New Jersey, but they're always more expensive since they were imported like around $25~$30. Trust me... I went shopping for these kinds of leggings in all of those places and they don't beat the actual birth place in Korea.

For example:

These Rustic Brenton leggings from my new favorite brand, All Saints, is $65!!! Who the hell wants to pay up that much from something as plain as these? Yeah it's probably better material and shit. But wtf, the ones imported from Korea are MUCH BETTER than those... These look funny anyway, sorry All Saints! Your leather products are the best though! :)

And I found these PLAIN BLACK LEGGINGS WITH ~5 FAKE GOLD STUDS ON THE BOTTOM LINED UP VERTICALLY in some store in Boston, I forget the name and it has no big brand name and they were $75!!

Okay.. these look okay and they're new from Forever 21and only $12 something. They're made out from a lace material... Kinda strechy... kinda, pretty thin as you can see skin under it if you look close enough. BUT THEY FEEL LIKE SHIT. It's SO ITCHY. I work there, so I've touched it. But it is a nice print and cheap. But I will go for the Asian kinds anyday. And personally... I don't like leopard print leggings. They only look good as clubbing stuff, but even then, leopard print tanks with sexier ripped leggings are better.. just my opinion don't yell at me.

My other favorite kinds of leggings are the fake-leather/shiny kinds. Okay, maybe you can get those from Forever 21, I saw a bunch of new ones at the store a few days ago while I was working, and actually the leggings in the middle and the right are from Forever 21.... But I don't like the feel to them AT ALL. The middle one is a fake-stretch-leather thing, but it's not very flexible and there isn't much "breathing" space. Like, if you sweat in them, you'll want to kill yourself. But they do look nice. And the one on the right is pretty with the zipper and the sparkly gold stuff all over it. But it just feels.... BAD. After wearing them a few times, it already feels... bad. I know that as long as you take care of your clothes they can last.. But seriously... That one has no hope now haha. the one on the far left is actually ordered online from some Taiwanese brand and they go halfway up to your calves. It's a really shiny black material and it feels cool. But again, since it's from Asia, home of the skinny glory, I can't fit into them hahaha. Almost! but not now.....

Of course I have the basic kinds of leggings too, but they're too boring looking to have pictures up. They're just super comfy - I have to keep mentioning that!

I want more leggings now. MORE! muahaha. The ones I want now are ripped up ones, jeggings, more design-y ones and of course, print like the blue one in my picture.








I LOVE THE LEGGINGS ABOVE! And her hair color... And her nail polish...

Okay, that's all for now about my love for leggings! I want to buy more soon! 

And since I'm planning and saving up for my trip to South Korea next summer, you can be sure that I will be buying a TON of leggings that look just as sexy and cute as the ones in the pictures!!

I hope you got more insight to leggings from the other side of the world lol

BYE I HOPE YOU GO OUT AND BUY LEGGINGS. TRY TO FIND NICE ONES IN THE STATES AND PROVE ME WRONG. you will fail puahaha . Just kidding, just be happy with your leggings.

*looking up more leggings*

Surprise Video...

Today I got a pretty nice surprise from some really close friends of mine. They're brother and sister and our family has known their family even before we were born, so they know every secret of mine and vice versa. So they've known about me having a little (?) interest in a guy that I've been calling on my blog D2 for some time now. When I told them that I was first interested in him because of the way he walked in my church's halls, looking like some Korean boy that belonged in some idol group with his stylish clothes and hairstyle and crazy height, they laughed like crazy. Coincidentally - or maybe it is fate? lol I'm thinking too much now - they also knew who D2 was because he went to their church before he went to mine, which didn't last too long though. D2 went back to James and Angela's church maybe about a month and a half of going to mine.

As of now, D2 still goes to their church. And James has been making an effort to get to know him. Too much effort. Both James and Angela still laugh at my interest in him because for one thing, he is way too good looking for someone ugly like me... Two, he's a fob, although James tells me that he's been more open and speaks more English now. And three, D2 wears these types of earrings that G Dragon also wears. I think it's stylish but they think it's funny looking.

James brags in my face that he's now pretty good friends with D2 and even has his number and always goes like "Oh I can call him up right now and you can talk to him!" or "Hey, I'm good friends with him, do you want me to talk about you with him, huh, HUH?"

And today, he sent me a surprise video truly showing his efforts of trying to make me feel jealous or anxious or something.

IT WAS D2!!! And he looks into the camera and softly says....

"i love you...." 

and then speaks up and says...

"I love you"

AGAIN! WTF!!!! And D2 was good looking as usual in the video... *sigh*

Apparently James went up to D2 during church and randomly made D2 say those 3 words while he was recording. D2 was curious as to why - you could see his confused face in the video haha - but James THANKFULLY didn't tell him why. I was video chatting with James and Angela while I watched the video they sent me and they laughed at my reaction, which was screaming and laughing like a fan girl.

But this kinda hurt watching the video... I know that him liking me is probably impossible, at this stage of my physical appearance at least. And seriously, what kind of love story is like this? If one person is being sneaky about liking someone and her friends are always giving her secret updates and videos and pictures about the guy, how awkward would it be for the guy to actually like her back? I mean, to me at least, I've NEVER heard of a dating story start out like that. NEVER. You only see that happen in really girly anime or drama. Some nerdy girl that stalks some hot guy that every other girl likes all of a sudden does something stupid that grabs the guys attention and then he starts having an interest in the girl and then the girl gets all nervous because he doesn't know that she stalks him and runs away. Then the guy chases after her blah blah blah blah.... NEVER HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE.

So if this kind of stuff goes on, it's just impossible for me to actually get to know him in a dating way... Getting this video was just too much...

But at the same time I was happy. He is good looking! I got a real good laugh about it and so did my sisters. I also got some silly, but amusing poems that were inspired by the video "to me".

u no u need him
so make him urs
he's cool and sweet
just like smores

he <3s u
he said it twice
so eat those smores
but also with rice - Angela


I love you... I love you
what more can he say?
He'll tell you that
Every single day

so go have some s'mores with him
You know you want to
and tell him you love him
Just don't make a poo - Jeero


his hair is cool
but u havn't seen his body
so take him to a pool
and c if he's a hottie

he might hav abs
u never know
or it could b flab
then, there would b no model show - Angela


maybe if u see him
It'll be love at first sight
the lights would be dim
and you'd make love tonight

and you'd have a famiry
and your love will be shown
Living happily
And not #foreveralone ♥ - Jeero


But then again, you never know~ wtf here comes my hopeless daydreaming....
We will see! James and Angela ARE taking us to Six Flags with their church and James is so willingly going to introduce me to D2 as if we have never met - even though we have but I bet he doesn't remember me. D2 is definitely going and James is definitely hanging out with him and their friends since they are close now. That's coming up in a few weeks so hopefully..... things will go well! *sigh i do want a boyfriend..... not going to happen with him hahahaha*

And this surprise has actually gotten me to feel MORE MOTIVATED to lose weight and fix my skin problem as soon as possible!!

So I actually used a mask today to feel all clean and happy :)

I actually got this Aloe mask from Missha as a gift from a Korean girl that lived next door in the same dorm as me. She was a graduating senior and was leaving back to Korea, but she was so kind and gave me three of these to help me with my skin and as a thank you gift for getting to know each other-  fellow Koreans. Being Korean is sooooo good!

I'm ready for extreme workouts and dieting and green tea to get to 115 lbs!!! Seriously... if you're thinner, you just look good in any kind of clothing for some odd reason. I can wait to wear that tank dress that my cousin Alex Kim from California bought me from Urban Outfitters! It's shaped so that the middle is a bit wider than the rest of the tank to make you look skinnier. But I won't have any ugly arm fat or armpit fat that I'd  have to hide so I can pull off that outfit! I hang it on my lamp so that I can see it to remind me of the awesome clothes I'd be able to wear hur hur. You can also see my new bag thing with the cute cherries :)

Anyway, the video made my day. Lots of good things came out of it! (and six flags is not too far off)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today Was A Simple, But Nice Day

I just wanted to write out about how my day was today. It was super simple, but I enjoyed it a lot. Before I get into that, I want to talk about my day on Friday haha:

Soooo I got my first paycheck on Friday! I mean, I didn't get a lot of money, not that I expected to get a lot because I'm only working part-time. But still, it's my first paycheck! I wish I took a picture of my amazing little milestone, but since I broke my nice camera, and my other shitty one is just dirty looking, I didn't even bother.

And getting my first paycheck meant a few things for me...
I had to buy my parents 속옷/sohg-ot/underwear. It's a Korean thing that you have to buy your parents this 속옷 when you get your first paycheck. And since Father's Day was coming up (well it was today basically) it was a perfect time to buy 속옷 as a gift. But it was embarrassing when I bought it... We all went to Hmart and I was about to pay for the 속옷 right after my mom paid for all the groceries. The cashier was a Chinese-American dude and he stared at us for a bit because I put the gift on the conveyor belt on a wet spot and my mom started to yell at me in Korean how that wet spot was where the kimchi was and how the gift was going to smell and we both just couldn't stop laughing our butts off. The Chinese dude was like, kimchi? Then he asked if we were paying together, but then my mom blurted out no and that the 속옷 was a Father's Day gift and told him that I was super cheap LOL. The dude started to laugh and told me that that was a really cheap gift and that I should take my dad out to TGIFs or something, but I just couldn't stop laughing at my mom's cheap comment that I just left right after I paid. I hope he didn't get a pathetic impression of us.

Anyway, getting my first paycheck also means that I finally have to start saving for some things that I want to buy. Of course the first thing that I am saving for is my Korea trip for next summer. I want to stay for about a month and I want to have A LOT of extra spending money so that I can go mega shopping for my parents and my sisters since it's not sure if they are able to go with me.

But the second thing on my list is a nice camera... Since I broke mine I really want a new camera that also has a lot of options. I'm not too sure what kind I want for sure, but I'm thinking of Nikon or Canon cameras for sure. Or I can just wait until my birthday?

In the end, I just wanted to say that I had quite a nice day today. I woke up a bit late, but I wore my new plaid shirt, put on my make-up, and rushed to go to church with my sisters. When we got there, all of our friends were there, sitting in the hallway all happy to see each other. That's always a good feeling, you know? But for some reason today, I was just in a really good mood to see them. Maybe I'm going to die soon or something. Then Sarah's good friend came and brought out the leggings that she said that she would bring in. I was really looking for nice leggings with print and Sarah told me that her friend's mom used to sell those kinds of leggings in one of those stands in the middle of the mall and that she might still have some. And she still had some and I said that I would buy them off of her. And the one's that she brought in were cute! One is black with white stripes, another is mostly green with an African tribal print to it, and another is black with white "holes", but that's for Jeero because it's a small. And it's actually the same exact ones I have, but the "holes" are black. Print leggings are so hard to find in America, the pretty ones, compared to Korea because Koreans are in love with designs. I have some, but THEY'RE SO SMALL ON ME! And when I saw these, I just knew I had to start losing weight FAST. But I'm happy that I got the leggings nonetheless, pictures soon!

Then the girls and I had just a good time talking together about our plans for the summer. I CAN'T WAIT!

After church we all went to this family's house for a get together since a family that we were all close too were there from California. The eldest son is freakin' 10 years younger than me, but he's so cute that I couldn't stop looking at him and slapping is butt hahaha. I swear he looks like a much better version of Ryan Higa/nigahiga and when he gets older, he's going to have so many girlfriends. Did I mention that the boy's name is also Ryan? wtf haha. His younger sister is also the cutest ball of energy in the world too! When I arrived to the house, she hid behind the door and then ran in front of me and hugged me immediately and screamed that she missed me haha. And I love the mom. I call her Unnie all the time even though she's like, what, 36? I don't care she's SUPER FREAKING STYLISH and her personality is so sassy that I just love her! But since today was just a get together, she wasn't wearing anything special, but when it comes to outings, she never fails to amaze me with her style. But she lost weight, so even in her simple t-shirt and shorts, she still seemed different than the rest of the ahjummas haha.

We all took pictures and just talked and stuff. Our really good friend, James, told me that he is now really good friends with D2- I think he get even better looking according to my stalker skills and he's officially SINGLE - and that he could like bring us together and stupid shit like that, but it was fun to think about this impossibility. He also mentioned how I should go to Six Flags with his church and he can make me go with D2 - AHH STOP TEMPTING ME!!! But again, I was just extra happy for some odd reason. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow since it's going to be a shitty day - I have work until closing (I HATE CLOSING!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WORKING UNTIL PAST 10!) - and before work I'm probably going to stuff my face out or boredom - I weighed myself today and I was about 137 WTF is wrong with me?!? lol But I was still happy. Hmmm maybe this week is just going to be a good week overall. I wonder what's in store for me this week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

99 Things To Do For Summer

Summer is officially on it's way and I'm really bored now, so I want to share the 99 things that I really want to do for this year's summer. I actually thought most of these a couple weeks ago, but I only had about 75 things. But 75 isn't a cool number, so I thought of the rest just now!

I just have a gut feeling that this summer is going to be a real special one! Why? Well, I got my first job, which is a big deal and I get money, I'm going to get my driver's license this summer (hopefully by the end of this month!) so I'll be able to drive anyone anywhere, and my cousin Simmie is finally going to be reunited with us in August - which just means DISASTER! hahaha

Anyway, some are straight forward, some involve people that you won't know, some are just random - and this is in no particular order, just whatever came into my mind :)

1. Get to 115 lbs or less!
2. Get my free bon chon chicken and eat it with special people
3. Get a job
4. Clear my acne stricken face! (Seriously... I miss my clear skin 유___유)
5. Driver's license
6. Tan a bit.. just a little!
7. Six Flags with Jame's church people and hopefully D2 will be there! YES D2!
8. Six Flags with church buddies and Simmie
9. Go to Boston and go shopping ALL DAY
10. Finish 2 books - I know sounds nerdy but I like reading haha
11. Beach until nighttime! If only I had a boyfriend, how cute that would be.. being with friends and some sexy guy at the night >ㅁ<

12. Aquarium
13. Zoo
14. Picnic~~
15. Change my hairstyle - I think I want bright orange and no more bangs... we'll see!
16. Buy new camera
17. But new iTouch... or iPhone?
18. Be able to wear a cutesy bikini - all out!
19. Hang out with Eunah unnie
20. Hang out with Suin
21. Hang out with SLB
22. Hang out with Amy (THIS SATURDAY!!!)
23. Hang out with Angie
24. Hang out and play with Simmie and her bub!!
25. 막걸리.... lol
26. Go out in public with hair all pulled back - I haven't done that in SO LONG!
27. Meet 50 new people (So far it's been about 17?)
28. Go to Jame's church... and see D2....
29. Match with my umbrella when it rains~ It's orange and white with a cute anchor and stripe pattern :)
30. Buy a floppy hat
31. Kiwi masks!
32. Buy skirts
33. Buy a clubbing dress haha
34. Buy a cute dress
35. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4
36. Watch Kung Fu Panda 2
37. Watch Hangover Part II (SO FUNNY! Better than what I expected haha)
38. Watch that weird Barbarian movie LOL

Seriously... Conan the Barbarian looks like a scary monkey haha and barbarian is just a funny word.. puahahaha!

39. Hang out with the Librarians haha it's not what you expect!
40. Buy a really nice cover up and foundation... or BB Cream
41. Buy Korean clothes online... a lot of it!
42. Buy something Adidas!
43. Buy something from AllSaints - my new FAVORITE STORE!!!!
44. Draw many, many outfits - I miss my drawing days.... *sigh*
45. Plant morning glories and take pictures of them growing :)
46. Try to give a faux hawk to a girl! How sick would that be?
47. Write lyrics to favorite songs - it's a fun thing to do when you're really bored :)
48. Catch up on my favorite Korean variety show 1박2일 / 1 night 2 days
49. Start watching 무한도전 / Infinity Challenge
50. Re-watch 우.결.'s 깝 couple! (We Got Married's Kkap couple! Jokwon and Gain!)
51. Buy a baseball jacket... I'm really into those lately
52. Go to Angela's birthday party - they're always fun!
53. Watch the sun set at the beach

Minado sushiiiiiii

55. Splurge at Natick Mall or something
56. Eat a mango
57. Go out with fake eyelashes and have someone notice lol
58. Eat 팥빙수 (paht bing soo) with people I like (or for the more daring share with someone I like muahaha - never going to happen D:<)

59. Watch movies ALL DAY
60. Clean out my clothes and get rid of old ones
61. Eat at a nice restaurant with my friends and actually dress up! How fun does that sound?!?! A lot to meee
62. Email 지원언니
63. Make one of those photo strings for room deco
64. Play with a dog
65. KARAOKE with the Parks!
66. KARAOKE with Simmie and GO CRAZY!
67. Get a piercing - I know where!!!
68. Tickle someone like crazy
69. Facial masks with people
70. Learn how to play tennis - why? I don't even know
71. Get my pay to be higher somehow at work..... grrrrr....
72. Eat a large froyo by myself

If we were to go to a karaoke place that looked like this... damn we would have so much fun!

73. Buy at least 3 pairs of shoes
74. Have an okay birthday
75. Get nails done at a salon
76. Sleepover!!
77. Poooool
78. Start reading the Bible - not that religious at all, but I think this can make my life happier
79. Hang out with Steve - HAAAA
80. Eat at a restaurant, just me, my sisters, and simmie, and HOPEFULLY have some hot guy approach us - good luck to us!
81. Work out with the girls :)
82. Walk around a park with the girls
83. Have an intense talk that makes me stay up all night - sounds like a round of questionnaire Snap Bucket lol
84. Find a new favorite piano piece to play
85. Have a really memorable 4th of July with friends :)
86. Make a mini cooking book for myself - I can make it cute!
87. Korean BBQ feast

88. I really want to like someone... I know there's D2, but you never know :)
89. Have a lengthy and interesting conversation with a stranger
90. Meet a new Korean.. like.. new new.. guy or girl hur hurr
91. Make many cupcakes and decorate them with the girls!!
92. Mini family trip (?) - like that cape cod one haha
93. Be lazy with the girls and just feel fat :)
94. Outing with my mom~
95. Intense grocery shopping with the girls
96. Save enough money to go to Korea for NEXT SUMMER!

Hongdae! The college kid district of eating, shopping, and CLUBBING!! WAIT FOR ME I'LL BE THERE SOON!!

97. Keep a more personal journal of the amazing things that happen - actually keep up with it!
98. Take pictures along the way!
99. Make a mini photo book of the amazing summer of '11

So there we go! I know I did some of the things already, but let's hope that I can accomplish ALL 99 THINGS before summer ends! I hope some of the things on my list gave you ideas to~

I know that this summer is going to be really special... I can't wait until the fun starts really going~ I can just imagine the things that I'll be doing and maybe even drama will arise hehehe

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Job Ever

Last Wednesday was the first time I had worked for a real paycheck EVER!

Yeah I bet you think it sounds a bit pathetic how I've never worked before. I'm already in college, 18 years old, and I can't even drive yet. But my parents wouldn't let me work during high school because they told me to study instead everyday..... And in college, I had my own thing going on and the tutoring job I wanted isn't available to freshmen. But that doesn't mean that I'm not hard-working or that I'm a fat ass who just feeds off of her parents!

And let me tell you something about myself before I go on. So I've always wanted to work in a clothing store that I liked. I would get the discount, I would be one of the first ones to know the latest designs, I get to meet and greet customers and make them happy by helping them pick pretty clothes, and I just get to be in the pretty store that I love all day! Or even work in a restaurant and be like one of those pretty waitresses that old ladies go "Oh look at that pretty unnie working!" and get free food. Mmmmm :)

I can imagine cutesy workers being all perky here *daydreams*

But at the same time, many people, including my mom that I trust every word that comes out of her mouth, they all told me that I would absolutely HATE my first job... *bad things are coming to me* The good thing that would come out of this first experience is that for one, I get job experience, and for another, I can REALLY appreciate the value of money. I would realize how hard it is to earn money. And that's really good for me because I still can't fully decide on what I want to do for a career and after fully understanding how hard work can get, it can help me decide on my career path! Maybe I'd like this kind of work and want to go in that path. Maybe I'll absolutely hate it and want a more office type work. Whatever the case, the more experience I get, the better decision I can make right?

Okay, this isn't a clothing store, but Etude House stores are so pretty and clean that I wouldn't mind to work there either  and buy some of their cute products! What girl doesn't want to be in a cute store like that?!?!

So I actually had a few stores that I wanted to apply to, but I didn't because the stores that I wanted to work in required previous work experience in retail - which I had none. But I mean, I LOVE clothes! I dress well, I'm friendly, and I get my work done... Isn't that good enough? My inexperience is blatantly showing how naive I am, but hey! Back in the days if you needed a job, you just got it. Today, especially with the shit economy is, it's pretty hard getting a job without any experience... WHICH SUCKS FOR ME! And on top of that, summer is very competitive, as millions of poor college students are out of school looking for experience for their future and high school students just want some extra cash.

And talking to many people, I learned that it's also extremely hard to get internships too since I'm a noobie freshmen that knows nothing. I applied to an online clothing website internship position, but I get rejected because they apparently only wanted SENIORS in FILM majors when the ad clearly said they were looking for all years and any majors although they prefer majors that related to retail stuff, which I was... But I'll try again next year because if I had gotten the internship position I would be researching new clothing styles and attending to photoshoots, cool right? We'll see how that goes next time!

I eventually went around my home town and some stores in malls and I actually only applied to two other places. I heard back from one a week after I applied!

Anyway, where am I working exactly? I shall tell you and you shall be amazed! -not.

I would love to work in a small, clean, yet cute/modern looking clothing or mini booth store thing like this store in Korea's Doota department store.
And I now work in......
Forever XXI, or how most people recognize it, Forever 21! Although I'm only working for the summer, this sounds like an awesome time, right?

Well.... hmm... How can I answer that?

First of all.... Why did I want to apply there? Remember how I said that people told me that I would hate my first job? Well I wanted to work in a place that I would end up "hating". And I thought, I want to "hate" this store. I mean, I generally like the clothes that Forever 21 has because a lot of their clothes match my style and I can see some clothes that resemble the Korean style that I so love. But I seriously shop there too much. I want to "hate" it because I don't want to spend any more money than I have before. I want to get so sick of their stuff that I would end of saving money and save it up for better things, like a trip to Korea. It's not that I want to hate clothing in general, it's just that, because Forever 21 has so much cheap clothing, I ALWAYS end up buying more things than I think and end up spending more money than I would in a more pricey store.

What do I do exactly? Well I'm sure you've been in a Forever 21 store, so I bet you can answer the question to that yourself since... It's pretty self-explanatory I bet. But trust me, I'm friendlier than most employees I've seen in my shopping experiences in the past lol. Oh and I don't do the cashier stuff.... yet... I'm going to kill myself if I have to because I HATE touching money! I know weird, but I really hate handling cash. It feels weird.

Maybe I was better off applying to a nice coffee shop or something... that doesn't exist in most of America..

So I would hit a few birds with one stone with this job too. I end up "hating" the store, I save money, I earn money from working, I gain experience in retail and customer service ( I just wish I was allowed to talk about that.... ughhhhhh ), I learn the latest styles that the store will release, and I can virtually lose weight as I won't be lazy and bored and eat for no reason.

 But working at Forever 21 is... not what I expected, yet exactly what I expected.

I'm not really allowed to talk about my work here if it can change the store's reputation, but my blog isn't super popular so I won't be killed or anything, and I'm not going to say extremely bad things or anything... But  I think you guys can understand where I'm going with this... I'm just not used to constant physical labor... I mean... my first day of work was..... A DISASTER, and it wasn't my fault... (!!!!!!!!) I actually got sick after my third day of working. Maybe I deserve that because I had never worked in my life before unlike most high school and college kids?

Either way, this is still my first job and it is, nonetheless, an experience that I will never forget. And like I said, I can find better and better jobs that will help me find my right career path. And frankly, I'm happy that this is my first job because it's much better than working in a Stop&Shop grocery like almost every high school kid from my hometown works in (muahahaha).

I just want my first paycheck... NOW!! :)

Wooo I'm soooo excited to grow up.... woooo... You can just sense my excitement lol

Next job might really be a simple and small cafe!