Thursday, July 21, 2011


SUPER SLEEPY but this will be quick, I promise!!

And Simmie, if you're reading this, let's talk when I wake up okay? hehehe finally we will be able to talk!

SO. Today is officially my birthday, but I honestly have nothing to be really excited about since I HAVE TO WORK UNTIL FREAKING 9 PM and on top of that, my mom's bible study group thing is coming over... So instead of celebrating my coming to the world with people I actually have fun with and care about, there are going to be I think 3 different Korean families with really young children - starting to dislike kids a lot now - AND OUR CHURCH'S HEAD PASTOR will be with me the moment I get back from work... The pastor dude is apparently going to pray for all of our families and the leader of the bible group thing told me that she's going to have a strawberry shortcake and a bunch of prayers all ready for me for my awesome birthday.

HOW EXCITING! ...............................................

I'm ready to kill myself. 

Seriously, I'm already a bit "ehh" feeling that I have to work on my birthday, but have religious stuff going on? OH HELL NO. And yeah, it's nice and all for you to get a strawberry shortcake for me, but unfortunately, I don't like strawberries in cake. I like to pig out on something with chocolate, but whatever I guess it's unhealthy for the adults and kids that will be there. whoop-de-doo

Aside from all of that junk, I'm not particularly excited for my birthday in the first place. I have like.... no one REALLY close to me, friend-wise, that lives near me anymore and I would personally love to just go out with my sisters and my cousins from Korea and just chill and then dress up and go eat at someplace nice, but they're not here yet....

PLUS - I don't want anything for my birthday either that is actually possible to get. I want plane tickets to Korea for next year summer. Or money to allow me to transfer to Boston University. Or a perfect husband already set up for me. I guess the only real thing I can ask for is a new iPod because mine is so old now that it can't sync with any computer now and some money.

With that money that I know that I'll be getting since, yeah I'm freakin' 19 now, that's the only good thing that you can get from Korean families at that age, I can buy a bunch of clothes online.

SOOOO I went on to just check out the styles that they had so that I can go on cheaper sites to get similar styles. Then I discovered something about this site.


Okay, maybe it's not that great but still... I was just...disappointed. I know that YesStyle doesn't make the prices - it's the individual companies that are hosted by YesStyle that decides the price. And Asians all copy from each other and order from the same designer company - so it's very common to see the same pieces of clothes at different shops. But this is ONLINE and I thought things were just better than that.

What I saw:

S.Korean "brand", BBON-J has this "convertible hooded knit cardigan" for freaking $58.50
And the next two pictures were on the page for this..

And then I found that S. Korean "brand", JUNY has an "asymmetric-hem hooded knit cardigan" for $52.20.
And then here are two pictures from this brand page:


Okay, okay, it's not even a huge price difference, but I'm cheap and picky. (Who want's to pay $50+ on this kinda ugly thing anyway?) Seriously, this is online. You can try to hassle and bargain with prices in real life if you find the same clothing at a different store, but online you can't. This is just another way to rip people off easily. Thanks online clothing websites.

(funny thing is... the one that's priced higher is advertised better as the girl is prettier and more stylish looking. People are just too smart to rip off poor people like me. >M<)

But yeah. Lesson of the day, do your "research" when online shopping for better deals.

Goodnight. Hopefully I'll have an alright birthday.

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