Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our last get together for now - Aquarium

It's always sad to see a friend move away - far away. Even when there are a ton of ways to still get connected like through Facebook, e-mail, kakao talk, and skype, it's still not the same as seeing the friend in person (that's whats makes long distance so hard I guess). But it also means that the next time you see that friend again, you appreciate him/her even more and feel excited and all happy. You also get that nice feeling of fulfilling that longing for that friend, you know what I'm talking about!

So recently, a friend of ours moved to Korea - August 2 to be exact. The reason why she moved back to Korea was to complete high school there. Her two older brothers both go to college in New York so her plan is to come back to the states for college also. We've all known her since she first came to the states when she joined our church. I got to know her really well after making the mistake of thinking that she was in high school when in fact, she was maybe around 11 years old at the time; I know I made a big mistake LOL. But yeah, I'm 6 years older than her and I just loved her as a friend and as an unnie who should take care of her.

One of the things that she always wanted to do was to go to the aquarium. But we never really planned it out since we were all lazy or busy. But after I heard the news, I thought that the perfect last get together with her before she moved was to take her there! And that's exactly what happened~

July 20, 2012 - We arrive at the New England Aquarium! (As you can see, it's really not a big aquarium lol but it's still nice!)
Our stamps!

You can touch the stingrays as soon as you walk inside!

They moved pretty fast, so it was hard to touch one. But gross, they feel like squishy dead squids!
Downstairs is where the jellyfish are.

And they are beautiful squishy creatures lol
Then in the main part of the building, you see the penguins! It was feeding time for them :) The rest of the aquairum is basically built around this giant spiral walkway and as you walk around it, you're on a certain floor and then you see the exhibits from there! And in the middle of the spiral walkway is a huge tank! It's full of Atlantic fish I believe because they're super ugly and we are on the Atlantic sea. There's a giant sea turtle in there named Myrtle (terrible name for the turtle I think lol!) but it was too hard to get a picture!
Me and Eunice. I'm poking the fake clam's hole.

I LOVE SEA DRAGONS! They're so pretty
You can also touch sea stars, hermit crabs, sea urchins, and more!

Super cute baby seal pup thing whatever you call it.
Sharon, my sister Christina, and Jiyoung looking all beautiful!
Next to the seals, there's this really pretty walkway back into the main part of the aquarium! And outside you can see the harbor that's decorated really nicely :)
Of course, we play in the gift shop at the end!
I bought the pictures that you take right before you buy your tickets for the aquarium LOL we were all so unprepared for the picture, but I bought it anyway for memories and keepsakes~
 After that I took everyone around the harbor and inside the hotel that's really close by to just rest. Nice Bostonians took pictures for us.

 Along the harbor, there's a very pretty walkway underneath an arch! It made us feel like we were in Happy-Fantasy Land. We were VERY lucky that there were no people walking through it as I took more pictures of them posing :) (perfect date spot, no?)

We all had a lot of fun just hanging out together, eating together, and talking with each other the entire day.

We did all of this for our friend Jiyoung, whom we all love so much and will miss dearly!

Seeing her cry so much on her last Sunday at church made us all want to hug her longer. We all promised each other that we will see each other as a group again in the very near future! So it's not our last goodbyes since the future is bright and exciting!

(And the next time I go to Korea, hopefully in two years, she's going to find me and take me to all of the good places :p)

I gave her the framed picture and bought her the cute bug-eyed shark pen and she left a simple, yet thoughtful picture/note for all of us on Facebook that same night 

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