Monday, August 13, 2012

Things that happened at the restaurant

It's been officially two weekends since I started working at the Korean restaurant! Congrats to me, because it's still super awkward between me and the son... I don't really know how I survive through the awkwardness and quietness between me and the son, the rest of his family, and the chefs when I eat dinner with them at night.

Okay, I lied, I do know how I am surviving every minute of it haha. And it's because surprising things happen to me while I work!

So, because the restaurant is one of two Korean restaurants in the area, a ton of the local Koreans come to eat at the one I work at (which is called Garden House). I personally think Garden House tastes a lot better in general than the other restaurant, and it's a bit cheaper. What I'm trying to say is, A LOT of Koreans come and I know A LOT of them.

Every time I work I see at least one person that I recognize, and it makes working so much more bearable! And I love talking with them and just having that small talk.

So one time, I saw my uncle (technically my mom's older cousin) and at first he didn't recognize me. Probably because our family has gotten into a bit of a situation with his and we haven't been visiting them unfortunately (LOOOONG and COMPLEX STORY). He was with his friends and when I noticed that he was free, I slyly walked over and asked he if remembered me with a smile. Laughter broke the ice and he said of course! We talked for a bit, just catching up and before he left, I told him that I missed Isabelle, Charlie, Adam, and Ethan (My nieces and nephews who I just call cousins / his grandchildren) and promised him that I would visit his house during Christmas when they're all going to be there! I really wish my family wasn't gay at times and didn't hate on each other. (Last year we didn't go over their house once!) It's not my problem if they don't like them. I still love them even though I've expressed some of my issues in the past. But I grew up and changed and I'm going to show them my love by visiting the kids this year for Christmas! Anyway, we said bye and I just felt really good that I made that promise on my own will.

Another time, I saw the back of a really tall guy come in with his family and I was like "shut up you're so loud" in my head and got worried that the restaurant was going to get really noisy. But he turned around and when we made eye contact, we immediately started to laugh! He was one of my friends from college who recently graduated. We got close when we both went to a trip to Vermont hosted by the Korean Student Association that I'm a part of. I remember, we both sat down on the floor next to the speakers playing the music and we kept on playing underground and old Korean hip hop songs and rapped to them together. People got mad that we were playing old 1TYM songs over and over, but that's how we became friends after. It was just really nice seeing him again :)

The most recent day that I was working was this past Saturday. I was standing around as usual, trying to look pretty with a smile and then a pretty big group came in. I assumed that it was a family and their sons' friend that tagged along. From observation, I concluded that there were two older brothers, both were probably around the age of 18, their young sister maybe 10 years old, and the brother's friend who was around the same age as them. As soon as they walked in, all of the boys stared at me and looked away immediately (LOL). They sat down and since they were the only customers at the time, I had nothing to do but look in their direction if they needed anything. But I noticed that the oldest boy kept on trying to steal looks in my direction the entire time. I thought that it was so funny since I've never seen someone actually try to do that so blatantly over and over again. He wasn't bad looking or anything either! He was the tallest, really tan, had a nice nose, and his style was the typical style that a lot of Asian boys pull off with the flat rimmed hat, fitting shirt, gym shorts, and nice basketball shoes or whatever. But I didn't really care and enjoyed the attention that I was getting from this 18 year old and his brother and friends.

The funny thing is that I recognized that 18 year old... I felt like that I met him maybe 5~7 years ago when I used to go the Korean School at the church that's close to the restaurant. I really think I met him there at that church, maybe he was even in one of my classes? And it's reasonable for me to think that he goes to that church too since everyone, besides me, who when to Korean school there also went to that same church on Sundays. Another ahjusshi customer came inside and knew that family. He started to talk to that 18 year old and I could hear everything that he was saying and I found out that the boy was going to be a freshmen at college soon. I only heard a part of the college name, and omg there was a very high possibility that he was coming into the same school as I was! I really thought that I might know him/will get to know him soon. And I'm right because on Facebook I was looking at my friend's pictures (who goes to that church that I was talking about) and she was taking a picture with that same 18 year old! And I stalked a little and my  intuition is just too good. He's going to be a freshmen in the same school that I go to and I probably did meet him before at that church.

Kid, I know your name and face now, hopefully you won't remember me if we ever meet face-to-face at school or even in a KSA meeting. It would be too weird lol.

The funniest thing that happened to me at the restaurant was actually during the first week I was there. There was a huge group of ahjummas and ahjussis that come together to eat and celebrate something. Anyway, this one, short ahjumma wanted to secretly pay for everything and she came up to me to do so. She asked me in Korean:

"Are you new here? I've never seen you around."
"Yes I'm new"
"How old are you?"
"I just turned 20."
"혹시, are you dating the owner's son over there?!" (she had the sneakiest face on when she asked that!)
"Oh no, no, no! I just work here with him!" (EW NO, NEVER IN MY LIFE)
"Did the they (the owners and the son) possibly pick you?" (they used the Korean word go-shyo which is like... a strong word for picking selectively... And I could so tell that she meant if they go-shyo'ed me based on looks)

"Uh, no..."
"I see, I see... DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!?!"
"Ahh, no! I'm single..."
"You SURE that you don't have a boyfriend?"
She then left with a smile on her face.

Seriously, she was too much! lol

Then 20 minutes later she come back inside again and I was already sitting down and eating with everyone. The ahjumma came up to me and then asked me for my name. Thank god the owner spoke for me and then they talked for a bit. I think the ahjumma was just trying to get more information about me!

She finally left and they all started to make fun of me thinking that the ahjumma thinks I'm pretty and wants me to date her son or something! NO!

I was honestly a little scared to go back to work the next time, but so far, I haven't seen her around! If she ever comes back with a young looking guy, I'll be sure to lie and be like, I was kidding back then I'm actually married.

But I'm kind of happy that she asked me that, it made me feel good, won't lie about that. Maybe I should be dating someone soon though, *sigh* lol

So yeah, those are some of the more memorable things that happened to me during work. And I've only worked a total of 5 days believe or not! I still have about 7 more days of work in total, so we'll see what happens until then!

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