Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Really Quick Rant on my Hair

I just want to share what I've been thinking about lately...


Ok, not even. I NEED to dye my hair.

I'm JUST SICK OF IT ALREADY. that's not a good thing..

My roots are growing... They're already a bit more than an inch and, ugh, it looks narsty. Especially since my natrual hair color is really dark brown and my dyed hair looks orange-brown.

And I put my hair up a lot, so when you look at me, you can see them.
Usually I clip my bangs back like that so you see my hair gradually change color lol
Btw. That's my sister, Sarah with me :)

It's been bothering me so much that I can't freaking focus on studying for my two exams that I have coming up. dontknowwhattodowhatthefreak

So I dyed my hair back in the beginning of September. I used the brand that I usually use, 꽃을든 남자 - don't know how to translate that... Man of flowers? I don't know haha.
And since it was kind of summer, I really wanted brighter, orange-er hair. So instead of usually dying it cappuccino brown (CN7), I used something else. I can't remember if it was N6 or N8. And I should've taken a picture, but too lazy. 

That was really stupid, because that's a summer color and before I knew it, it was fall already. And fall clothing always looks better with darker hair. NOW I WANT DARK HAIR!

BUT I AM CONFLICTED! I want to dye my hair, but my bottom half of my hair is still damaged due to that shitty digital perm I got earlier this year. Effin' regret it. You can read about that here and see why I am against perms. Seriously... Just learn how to blow dry your hair well and use a curling iron. That's all you need. I'm serious.

The new color that is attracting me is a darker color. Last year I had wine-red/purple hair that only lasted a month before the color faded to brown (fml) and you can actually read how I wanted orange hair... 


Palty's Mauve

Palty's Jewelry Ash 
Okay, so it's not that dark. But you get what I mean... I'm loving that purple tone in hair and I really want to try out the Japanese brand Palty that every girl probably knows about. I can already imagine my hair that color and ahhh I would look so much better in my fall and winter clothes. Seriously, if I could get that jewelry ash color... It looks so damn beautiful.

I am scared that my hair will die because of the chemicals... And since I've never used this before, I have no personal experience on how well the color comes out and how LONG it lasts. That's why I hate american brands- on asian hair at least - because the color fades so fast. I'm also scared of bleaching. I WILL NOT BLEACH.

I found this picture on google that shows the results of using the jewelry ash or mauve color.
Seems somewhat promising of getting that purple/gray color that I want.
I just want to dye it soon.... Thanksgiving break is coming soon, so maybe then. Shit that means I have to order it right now. 

That's it.
My hair is too orange. I mean... look at like blonde streak too! 

I'm going to do it.

Going to order it right now.

End of blog. - PEACE

Hopefully I'll have a new post about dyed hair soon!


  1. dyude. when i first started blogging, it was pink. but then i changed it. YOU COPY ME POO

  2. and dyude. i wanna dye it too :P but like, the color i'm using still. not a new color... not yet. Will you do it for me? Or should I ask umma? I don't really care if u no wanna. but i think umma's gonna smack me. we can have a dyeing hair party. coz like our hair is gonna die. :p and then i'll cut it wooo

  3. doood that happened to me too, the hair fading thing. the last time i dyed my hair (june i think?) it was dark reddish for like a week ROR. then it was this niceish dark brown and now medium-dark orange brown. oh well. i hope your hair turns out nice! dood ive wanted to try palty for a couple years but meh i think i might try american dye next... palty doesnt have the color i want, even though they have like 23894278 colors. anyway, i wont be dying my hair a different color until like summer so whatevs. anyway, good luck!

  4. LOL NO!!! But my name implies the pinkk.... lol whateves and yeah i'll dye it i dont care. yeah thanksgiving let's dooo it. im going to order the jewlery ash right now. good luck to me in the future.

    and kyungjin, what color do you want? i would use american dye cuz it's right there to buy, but i want that ashy/purple color that's super hard to find. haha than after i might go super light brown.... we shall seeeee

  5. well that fag truly is a dumb fag for telling you cyber monday is only for electronics online -__- i fucking hate ignorant people.. i actually have a rant about that. maybe shall post soon