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It's the perfect temperature outside, not too sunny, not too windy, and my room doesn't feel like a sauna for once. So what do I do instead? Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and blog, when instead I SHOULD be studying for my exam tomorrow night or finish writing my LA experience. OH WELL. I'm just going to contemplate on the past couple weekends.

So the weekend of March 30 to April 01, I went home for the weekend because I promised my sisters and my cousin that I would take them out to karaoke in Allston and eat chicken at Bon Chon. All I can say about that is that it was the most relaxing and fun time I had in while with just my family. We sang our hearts out and ate like pigs and talked about life's issues. I was getting sick, but it was all worth it! And damn, we all put on a shit ton of makeup and looked amazing, but I'm not going to post up out selcas ;)

The best part of that night was after leaving the noraebang. Jeero blasted on BAD BOY by Big Bang on her iPhone and we all started singing and walking-dancing to it on the streets.

Simmie, Sarah, and Jeero. Jeero is so passionate looking there.

Now the weekend of April 06 - 07 was a crazy one. That was the weekend when the Korean Student Association that I'm a part of had our annual Korean Night. April 6 was dress rehearsal day and it just a lot of fun just walking around the giant, empty auditorium and just seeing all of the performances where there isn't that one annoying person that's sitting behind you and kicking your seat like a retard. And if you didn't know, I'm a part of executive board of KSA as media chair. I had the fun part of making the flyers and posters that were all over my campus - muahaha I'm proud of my work that I didn't really work on because I was a lazy ass.

And the picture above is one of the four mini-flyers I made and I had to do something with 2NE1 because they're sexy HAHAHA.

Then the next day, we had to do rehearsals again from 10 am until 5 pm which, again was pretty fun since this time the Yale students came to perform their Korean drumming and the guests artists that we hired finally arrived!

We got the comedian from Los Angeles, Danny Cho! If you haven't heard of him, you can check him out on his YouTube page:

I personally think those aren't that funny - he's too dirty and racist, but I guess that's what you have to expect from a comedian. BUT he is also in this mini-show called KTOWN COWBOYS. It's a mini-series thing shot in LA and from the name I think you can guess what it's about. A group of Korean guys hanging out in this amazing place in LA called KTOWN. Danny is in the show and he actually wrote all of the episodes too! Here's the YouTube channel, check it out!! It's actually really funny :)

**SIDE STORY* When I went to this one bar in K-Town, I actually saw one of the guys from the mini show and he was working as the bartender! I didn't recognize him until after I left though. Cool, right?**

And the other guest artist that came was this amazing hip hop artist / songwriter named Gowe from Seattle. It stands for Gifted on West East. He was adopted by Chinese parents and when he turned 18, he found out that he was actually adopted and Korean. Anyway, his songs are actually really good! His beats are really good and the lyrics are actually meaningful and UNDERSTANDABLE - unlike whatever the hell Lil Wayne says. His song "I Wonder" is about that part of his life - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT! And his other song "Star In My Eyes" is really good too!! CHECK HIM OUT!!

Then at 7 pm was the actual show. I was placed in the front to hand out the program to the people that showed up and to be honest I was disappointed. Not that many people showed up as I would have liked. And seriously, we all put in so much work for the two hour show and people just don't realized that. BUT other than that, it was the most amount of people that had ever come to a Korean Night and the audience was pretty good! I was so happy that my friends came to watch and they were all pretty responsive, especially when Gowe and Danny performed! Either way I would describe more of the show, but then it would get boring and I'm probably going to do KSA again next year and next year's show will hopefully be even better and more worth writing about :)

Anyway, during the show backstage, I talked to Danny and Gowe A LOT. My impression, Danny is a strange one.... not that friendly, but really funny to talk to if you're chill about being insulted on the spot. And Gowe is soooo nice and friendly. He apparently was asking about about me to another friend of mine when I was someplace else - I felt so effin' special LOL. And now we are Facebook friends! That's how nice he is. And funny thing, we have a random mutual friend and it just shows how small this world is!!

I had to get pictures with them, no?

LOL my face is funny and Danny looks like a sketch because I told him my story about how this black guy came up to me like a total  creep and wouldn't stop touching my sides and before we took a normal picture, he told me that he was going to pretend that we was that guy.

Yes. HE IS SHORT. Yeah I'm wearing heels, but still.... HAHA. I look fat in this, but that's okay.

Then me and Gowe! Yes, he is pretty short too.

And I had to take a picture of myself! I liked what I was wearing that day and my hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I got non stop compliments on my nails, which you obviously can't really see, but I just had to mention that...

Overall, Korean Night was stressful and fun. I can also remember the after-party, but I can't talk about that ;)


Now it is 5:30... I have used 3 hours of my time indoors and on my laptop. I am the most productive person in the world right now!! Time to go EAT!

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  1. yerr i gotta make the first move... hoouh but i've REALLY been feeling shitty these days.. i gained weight (again fml fuck everything) and obviously i don't feel so happy about life.. i had a nice day today but a shitty ending to it, and my project is fucking due tomorrow but my friend won't reply to my emails/texts.. hoouh imma rant about it on my blog right now. i just hope school is better when i see my husband hahaha