Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have been gone for way too long. A bit more than two months.I literally died... from school and all of the little shits that come with it.

But my SPRING BREAK had resurrected me!!!!

Just to let you know, I went to the Sunny State for a week, and I had the most fun of my life! And on top of that, school hasn't been too bad, I actually feel more motivated to do work! So I haven't been procrastinating and those little shits I mentioned, they don't bother me anymore! And the weekend after my amazing trip, I went back home to see my sisters and my cousin and we had an amazing night - something that we REALLY needed.

Ever since I came back from Los Angeles, I just feel like a totally new person! So the tired, always busy, worrying, always complaining me is gone (well for now hahaha, who knows who pisses me off next). Now I seem to always have time and I feel more optimistic about things. So that means I will be blogging again!

So yeah. This was an announcement post, so yeah... I'm still alive guys :)

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