Sunday, July 22, 2012

Florida, Disney World

I just blogged about my birthday thoughts, now I'm going to blog about my recent family trip to Florida! It's going to be short because I had my heart out on going to LA again, so I was disappointed and didn't take many good pictures. Besides, I think I'm just not into the whole Disney thing, so it was kinda just a walk in the park feeling the entire time lol. But it was still all fun!

It was a very spontaneous, or it seemed very spontaneous since I didn't know we were leaving for Florida until a few days before our flight.

The first day, we actually stayed in Clearwater and the beach there is AMAZING!!! The water was a beautiful blue/green color and the sand was so freaking white and soft! I had the hardest time walking in the sand, but that's what allows vehicles to drive through the sand!
At night, my sisters and I walked all around the hotel, the beach, and the mini-market that they had nearby. One of the guys complemented my green pants that I LOVEEEEE :)

Then we finally went to Orlando!! Our hotel that we stayed in was the Grand Floridian at the Walt Disney World! It was the cutest and prettiest hotel I've ever been in so far in my short life. It was seriously vintage and princess themed! They even had a room for tea parties and I spotted the the beautiful Sleeping Beauty there with a bunch of kids dressed up as princesses to get their cup of tea.

And the staff there is DISGUSTINGLY GOOD. Everyone is dressed really well, matching the princess castle theme, and were so nice. They were always smiling and greeting and ugh I loved them. The training that the staff must go through is A list! We were even driven from the main building to our hotel building.

Cinderella flooring! 

The first day, we went to Disney Hollywood Studios, one of the four themed parks! There wasn't much to do there but look to watch mini shows and go in the stores, which is what my sister and I did. The details IN the stores were amazing too! The only show that we watched was the Muppets in 3D.

That same night, my other sister and I took a night swim in the pool that's open all night apparently. And we could see the fireworks from Cinderella's castle that happens every night from our own room!

 The next day, it was July 4th and we went to the most popular park, Magic Kingdom. That's where Cinderella's castle is and all the rides and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff are. IT WAS THE HOTTEST DAY and it rained randomly (we needed to buy those trash looking rain ponchos lol) and the amount of people- it was all just ridiculous. But I was happy that I got a Mickey Waffle for breakfast.
that reminds me, we weren't able to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean because it shut down due to technical difficulties. And I freakin saw Goofy dressed in the Pirate themed costume TWICE and failed BOTH TIMES to get a picture with him. Goofy is my favorite and now I hate him from running away from me.
 We were able to catch the parades! It was so hot and there were so many people that I couldn't and didn't even try to get a good look. But there's a really good looking Peter Pan!
Inside the castle~
 The details in the parks are just amazing! The Alice in Wonderland hedges caught my attention and the Winnie the Pooh tree the most. And did you know there are hidden Mickeys EVERYWHERE? I didn't find any because it was too hot to care.
That night, we went back to our room and watched the fireworks! This was my view :)
But to be honest, the fireworks in Boston are WAY BETTER than Disney's. I think it's because Boston takes too much pride in being like... very historical with the American revolution. haha I love Boston no matter what.

 The last full day at Disney World, we went to Animal Kingdom to just relax and stare at animals.
Again, the details. Every pathway was so pretty!
 My sisters and I went to the petting zoo, which was SUPER DISAPPOINTING! The goats and sheep and pigs all ran away or went in the area where you weren't allowed to go in. And they wouldn't stop moving so you couldn't even pet them. I remember there was this one zoo where they had freakin deer and I pretty much sat on them because they were so calm. So here's a failed selca with a goat that wouldn't stop moving...
That night we ate dinner in the Polynesian hotel that was really close to our hotel and it's Hawaiian themed! It was really cute and you saw Lilo and Stitch everywhere!
We went to Downtown Disney after that which is basically an entire area just for shopping for Disney stuff!

 The last day, I bought a last minute Goofy cookie. And now that I'm looking through these pictures, how the hell did I survive wearing cardigans most of the time? Hmm.. I have high heat tolerance I guess.

 I lost my sunglasses at the outlet mall that we went to after. That outlet mall sucked too. All the clothes were bleh.

And since our flight was delayed 4.5 hours, we staying in the airport for SO LONG. I got yelled at by the security lady, my sister danced with a security man, and we just watching Jokwon and Gain's We Got Married Episodes until our plane arrived.

I hate Orlando airport now. They also have very limited outlets and some were busted too. Logan airport may look like shit, but they have wifi and tons of outlets everywhere! Anyway. It was all good. And I was so happy to be back in Boston where it was in the 70s instead of the high 90s.


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