Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Adopt a Bird Month

January is adopt a rescued bird month! I didn't know about this until Jeero texted me today. This is actually a coincidence because I've been really thinking about getting a new bird buddy recently.

My first real pet (I say real because boring fish that my dad bought for me don't count) was when I was in fourth grade. And what was it? A light blue budgie! I wasn't one of those kids who begged their parents to get a puppy or ugly cat. I was always fascinated by birds. And it really showed when I was in first grade after my teacher saw my drawing of me in a forest full of birds. She then really encouraged me to keep on drawing birds and I clearly remember we had to cut out ONE drawing of anything so that we could hang them from the ceiling. I drew TWO birds and the kids thought my artistic abilities were amazing. (I shall brag now) And they were; I still wish I had them... 

I did a ton of research before buying my first pet because I was dying to just be able to have a pet other than fish in my old apartment. And that was because my mom HATED animals. Well, she still hates them, but not as much because of my birds, ho ho ho.

I would always go to the library and read those "How to Take Care of Budgies" or "All You Need To Know About Parakeets" books. And then I would go onto to or and do all of these calculations of the total cost of all the necessary things I would get for my bird, compare the best food brands, and pick the best cage for it's price. I seriously knew everything there was to know about budgies/parakeets. I was seriously dedicated. Why aren't I dedicated to my schoolwork like I was to birds back then?...

Anyway, I was finally able to save up money and convince my mom to buy a bird! We went to the pet store that we used to always go in New Hampshire, which is closed now probably because it had REALLY exotic animals that I never thought you could have as pets... My mom and I picked the happiest looking budgie. And Buddy came home with me! Creative first pet name, right?

My first two birds
Since then, I've had a few other budgies too. I thought Buddy was getting lonely, so I bought another to keep him company. But it passed away pretty fast and I thought it was a little sick when I first bought him. Others came and went, but his longest friend, and my favorite, was Yolkie. Either way, I actually trained Buddy to come to my hand and come out of my cage and even fly to wherever Yolkie was. Well I didn't train him, he just really liked Yolkie and always wanted to be by her side. Buddy also liked to fall asleep on his back in my hand for some reason. I loved my birds so much that I always let them out of their cage and brought them with me to my grandma's house and even to my cousins house when they lived in New York. I even got my cousin to get a couple of budgies herself and I had trained them too. This was all when I was in elementary and middle school. I'm amazing at taming budgies muahhaha.

Really old picture of Buddy and Yolkie
One day Buddy died, which was really sad. So I just had Yolkie with me. But she also died and I don't even know when. One day I got back home late from college and went to my room to sleep right away. The  next morning, I thought it was a little weird because I didn't hear her chirp. I went over to the big cage and she wasn't there. I went to my mom right after and asked where my bird was and she just looked at me... Apparently my bird died a few days before I got home and my sisters buried her and didn't bother to tell me about it at all. And that just really pissed me off.

I have a lot of other bird stories. Like how I had to babysit two doves and I wanted to freakin' strangle them at night, attempt to tame my aunt's two cockatiels that pissed me off, and my orange-winged amazon parrot. But they're just funny memories.

My amazon looked just like this.
Now that I don't have a bird anymore, I've been really wanting to get another one. Ever since I've been using tumblr, I've been looking up birds and I just miss having something small with personality just sitting on my desk while I read or something. Birds are actually really fun to have around just because they're similar yet different than what dogs can do. 

And here are very few of my favorite pictures that is just calling me to buy a new bird.

SO CUTE! I don't think dogs can do that

It IS adopt a bird month... I do have a pretty nice cage just sitting there. And I do want to experience training a bird again. But in all honesty, I shouldn't get a bird now. No one in my family likes birds as much as I do and pretty much don't take care of my birds when I'm gone. And I'm going back to school in about 11 days. 

hmmm... When I get my own place, I'm getting a bird right away. 

But trust me guys, don't look over birds so easily. They're so freakin' colorful and cute, especially when they look like couples! Adopt a cute birdie after doing proper research hur hurrrr


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  1. omg that first gif of the lovebird and ball thing is SO DAMN CUTE HOOOUHHH
    you should get a lovebird :D THEY SO BEAUTIPHOOO
    and doood i remember in elementary school i read TONS of book on dogs, rabbits, and birds... i used to know like tons and tons of species and shez. hooouh we were dedicated children...