Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Short Christmas

My previous post was a depressing one and I want to MOVE ON!

I'll just briefly talk about my Christmas.

December 23, My family decided to go to New York for a Christmas mini vacation for two nights. We stayed in the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel, which was really nice by the way, especially since we got two rooms and I didn't have to sleep sideways on a bed or on a couch. We met up with my cousins at the restaurant that they work at. Then we met up with my mom's friend's family and I got to meet their two sons who were really nice. We went Chealsea's Market, then to some nice bridge walkway thing, ate at a noisy Chinese restaurant, went to Rockefeller's Center (Christmas tree was UGLY!), and that was basically it. I was sick during the whole time, but it was good. Anyway, pretty good Christmas.

Waldorf Astoria main entrance

We ate at the famous Carnegie Deli Restaurant. There's a big picture of Obama eating one of their deli sandwiches in the front of the store. Honestly, I thought the place was nasty since I don't really eat a ton of meat. And the waiters and waitresses were SHITTY. thatsjustmyopinion...

Family picture!
I should've been at that ice rink...

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