Friday, January 6, 2012

Short Nail Salon Visit

This is going to be really short because I have nothing better to do haha.

So this morning, or yesterday morning since it's 12:24 AM now..., my mom woke me up suddenly saying that we had to go to her friend's nail salon store. I asked why we had to go and apparently, this other women needed some extra hands to practice on for some professional thing and my mom and I both were going to provide that extra practice. And even though I only had about 5 hours of sleep, I was excited because I had never gotten my nails done before at a salon.

While we were driving, my mom and I were talking about nail salons in general. You know how stereotype about how all nail salon businesses are owned by Vietnamese families? Like how all laundromats are basically owned my Koreans? Anyway we were so curious as to how that nail salon thing happened. This is a fairly 'new' stereotype because it is only recent that many Vietnamese families have been immigrating into the U.S. compared to Chinese and Koreans. According to my mom's past memories, the nail salon businesses were all owned by Koreans before the Vietnamese. When she visited New York when she was younger, there were Korean people everywhere working in the nail salons. But now they're all pretty much gone and have moved on to laundromats. Our conclusion, the Vietnamese stereotype appeared as they bought those businesses. And Koreans must have sold their businesses and decided to move on to laundromats because they like clothes more than nails. Just a funny thought.

When we got there it was just my me, my mom, my mom's friend, and the other Korean lady who was practicing her skills. My mom's friend showed us a new color that she got and it was a pretty dark grey color. It was gel nail polish too. And of course because my mom have similar tastes, we got the same nail color.

I was embarrassed to get my nails done because I had my pinky fingernail in yellow, and ring fingernail also in yellow with the smiliey face like in the movie 아저씨/Ahjushsi/Man from Nowhere because I recently watched it for the first time and thought it was amazing, so I copied it, and my thumb nail had two different shades of green from trying on different nail polish in Sephora. And the my mom's friend, the owner, the 'more professional' one did my nails (hahaha I was special). But she commented on my nail shape and said that they were neither rounded nor square. I was embarrassed because she's the professional one and she made it sound like the way I cut my nails are really ugly or something.... I thought they were pretty. But then she shaped them rounded square and they actually looked really good.

Yeah, I had this....
I even told my sister that she could write on my other hand 아저씨. I seriously loved this damn movie. Everyone MUST watch it.

Then she put on the base coat, the gel polish, and top coat so freaking fast. I was amazed. Why do I suck at putting on nail polish on myself :(

Anyway, I'm really happy with my nails now. I think they look really good and I LOVE the color. And it's even better because mine were for FREE.

And my mom's friend also does eyebrows... I'm considering it. I mean, I like the shape of my eyebrows because it's like that Korean styled, flat and full shape. But she says that she can make it better and prettier and the reason why I don't want to change them is because I haven't tried out different styles that may be better suited for my face.... hmmm....

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  1. hehe you seem to be obsessed with the ajusshi movie. let's have a movie night and watch it together :D i haven't seen it since last february when I was in argentina. oh memories.

    i like dem nails. i wanna touch the smoothness baby.
    i think you should go for the eyebrows... because it is a korean lady and your moma's friend. plus we're still young, so unlike our moms our eyebrows grow back. if you don't do it now, you'll get old and never be able to know how sexy you couldve been if you had tried out different eyebrows when you were younger. hehehe well anyways you're coming soon! i'm the excitals