Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My iPhone 4S

First of all, sorry for my ugly blogskin... I wanted to change it but then I got frustrated and didn't finish it. I will soon though! It'll be pretty, I promise!!

I talked about how I got my new black, iPhone 4S before, and all I can say is that I LOVE IT. I have a bunch of  fun and cute apps that my droid phone could never handle. And the battery life is very satisfactory. It's not the greatest, like the amazing old nokia phone that people joke around about, but I can last a few days without charging my phone if I control myself on using apps. My droid phone would last maybe about 8 hours when I don't even have any apps and call my mom for about 10 minutes...

Bunch of photo editing apps and cameras. My social networking stuff and tumblr. SmileCat is a Korean photo editing app. It's not THAT great, but some of the stickers are cute. My365 is an app where you post a picture a day and I talked about that before in a couple of posts back. Sushi maker is a completely useless app, but it's fun when you're REALLY bored. You make sushi and then "eat" it. You have to pay to get better sushi stuff... Like I said, completely useless. Swing Away is a really cute and fun game. You're a monkey that's swinging from rope to rope or vine to vine with a time limit and you're just trying to get the highest possible score and complete missions. It's really hard, but addicting. I got it for free, but apparently you have to pay for it now for 99 cents. The other two are emoticons and a magazine.

And these are more of my apps. I don't feel like talking about them because you just need to try them out haha. Well most of them.

I'm always on my phone playing games, taking pictures, or editing pictures. Because a phone like this exists for me, it's only necessary that I personalize it! (especially since EVERYONE is getting an iPhone these days)
So I got a sticker and my mom bought me a Kate Spade case, and I've posted pictures before, but I'll do it again :) I love this case because it's very sturdy!

Everyone says that the eyes look Asian. Nice, cuz those are pretty eyes.
The sides are black and it has a gold spade on it!
But of course I wanted more and went on ebay! Eventually I came across these two pretty cases and they FINALLY ARRIVED in my mail!

The first one is a "maroon" case that has the apple logo outlined with crystals. The ebay pictures made it look very matte and maroon, but in reality, it's very shiny and red. It's so shiny, it has that oily look to it and I can't get rid of it at all. That's the downfall of it, but other than that, it's pretty good. And the case is very thin and doesn't cover the front at all, which I really like. Oh, and it's made in Korea!

And the other case that I got is also made in Korea! Seriously, Koreans really know how to design cute and stylish things whether it's iPhone cases or clothing. Anyway, it's white with a stylish "사랑해" on the back. My favorite part about the case is that it has a little addition where you can add call phone charms on it! You know Asians and their cell phone charms lol. And the case is thinner than I thought, which is a good thing since I don't want to carry around a fat, bulky looking thing.The only bad thing about it is that it covers the front of the iPhone. I don't like that because I do have a cute sticker of a character on it, but it get's covered.

The box in which the case came in was super cute! But the best part of it was the little note I got from the seller! It's probably a girl, I mean who else can have awesome handwriting like that? And the note made me super happy, even though I have no idea who this person is that is probably just trying to make me want to buy more stuff from her in the future. I don't caaarreee. And she also added an iPhone button sticker to my order! It's taped on the box and it's a light green color with white polka dots. I would use it, but I feel like if I put it on, I'll want to take it off right away. I'll save it for later though!

Awesome note! And this actually CAME from Seoul, Korea. Therefore, my seller is probably very Korean, so the incorrect grammar is cute lol

The packaging is super cute! and you see the green iPhone button sticker taped on it lol
LOVE the 사랑해 calligraphy.
And this is the front with more hearts! And you can see where you can add the charms. I had this G Dragon one for a while so I just tried it out. My current one is a Korean drum thing hahaha
So yeah, you can't see my iPhone in any of these pictures because now I ONLY take pictures with my phone. Because it is the 4S, the camera quality IS good. Better than my shitty 10.1 megapixel digital camera! Oh, and if you're curious about Siri, it's alright. I never use it because I do everything manually anyway. BUT! I have to admit, sometimes it's fun asking it random questions like where my future husband is...... *deep, heavy sigh*

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