Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haircut and things I learned

I got my hair cut a couple days ago and I'm so happy with it!

I decided not to do anything crazy because my first priority is to get rid of all the damaged hair from previous dying and that goddamn digital perm that I got a year ago. Pretty much all of it is chopped off and gone now! But that means my hair is right above my boobs now -_-

Anyway, I haven't had a hair cut in a salon in a really long time... Maybe it's almost been a year? I've been cutting my own hair since I just needed to trim it every month. And I never wanted to go back to the lady that cut my hair because she wasn't THAT good - besides she was the same one that did the horrible perm job.

So my mom made the appointment at this one hair salon that I USED to go to all the time. I used to go there because the guy that I really liked moved to New York and he was the only good stylist there. And the next time I went there to get my hair cut after he left, I didn't like it all because the girls were bitchy and they weren't good at all.

But I decided to give them another chance since those girls probably left and I was there at least 6 years ago.

This is the inside of the hair salon that I went to. It's pretty, clean, and pink! And if you haven't guessed  already, it is run by fairly young, stylish Koreans! I love it since young, stylish Koreans almost always know how to make hair look good.

Anyway, the unnie that cut my hair was pretty and she taught me a few things about hair since she was honestly pretty shocked at how bad my hair was. And just to clarify, this is all according to her experience working with hair at that salon. So maybe this stuff isn't as correct according to another hair stylist in a different salon since they can do things differently *cough*worse?*cough*.

1. Perms don't actually cause that much damage to your hair, UNLESS it's on dyed hair.

So yeah, if you get a curling perm of any kind, it actually won't damage your hair that much. But if it's on dyed hair, it'll typically damage it a lot because your hair is already dried, and the perm can literally melt your hair and dry it up even more. 

But don't a lot of people with dyed hair still get perms and it's still in really good condition? Probably yes. But even a lot of Korean celebrities don't get perms. They always have a hair stylist and their beautiful curls or straightened hair is done by blow drying, ironing, and hairspray lol. Some do get perms on dyed hair, but even their hair don't look silky soft. Besides, how many of us have professional hair stylists that celebrities do?

There's G Dragon in the Lollipop days and Jokwon with his baby perm. 

Anyway, I guess if you have super strength hair, perming even on dyed hair might turn out fine. But not all dyed hair is the same, which leads me to number 2.

2. NEVER use those do-it-yourself hair dyes sold in drug stores.

This is something I've done all the time, even though I know it's not as good as whatever the hell they have in the salons. It's probably not that different, but I'm pretty sure what they have has better ingredients that aren't as harsh. 

Which sucks kind of, because I've been wanting to dye my hair with the Prettia brand in the Jewel Peach color. But I want to listen to that unnie.... But I can't promise anything lol. It's okay to use the box stuff, just know how to dye your hair. My hair was fine using those boxes until the perm melted my hair.

3. Only dye the roots, almost never just touch up with the rest of the hair, especially the roots.

This makes sense since constantly dying the same dyed hair is only going to kill it more. Your hair color can go dull after, but like I said, those boxes don't beat those salon quality dyes. And they're professionals, so they know exactly what to do when it comes to touching up and when to do it. 

I never knew there was this thing called 'coating' and it's something you can do to make hair look shinier and it protects dyed/permed hair! It's expensive, but that's the price of looking good.

All in all, I loved talking with her so much, that I've decided to go back to that hair salon from now on! She taught me more about how to cut hair and stuff too, so I want to get my hair done by her all the time. 

I finally have someone that I trust to cut and style my hair! She cut off all the dead hair that I had and barely layered it, like I asked. What I'm thankful for too is that my hair can finally grow to a really long length. Having damaged hair prevents you from growing it out so long since you're constantly going to have to trim it to maintain it. And damaged hair breaks too.

So this what how long my hair was before (you can see the damaged hair too lol) 

Ta-daaaa~ And this is what it is now!!

Haha, not that much different like I said, right? But oh god, no more tangled hair when I'm brushing through it, and no more dry feeling hair!!!!

I'm going to miss my long hair though. Although it looked damaged, I got so many compliments from random people about the style and the color. And now I can't do full buns anymore. OH WELL!!

Now that the yucky hair is all gone, I can grow it out really long without having to trim it every month! 

I'm planning to do some big changes with my hair too in the fall/winter and I'm sure to go back to that unnie!

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