Thursday, June 7, 2012

my summer so far

It's already June and I feel like it isn't summer yet since it's been really cold and rainy a lot >:(

Anyway, my summer so far is pretty good, other than the money problems I'm facing with my LA trip, but it's okay! The time will come when hundred dollar bills somehow appear in my wallet... :|

So I did go fishing for a day when one of my cousins from LA visited for the weekend. That day was one of the rare days these past two months when it was actually really sunny outside and hot. We went to a pond and I managed to catch two fish! Or was it three? I don't remember. But the thrill of just catching a fish is a lot more fun that you might think!

 Here's proof that I did catch something lol, but I cropped it because I was making a funny face. This is my tiny large-mouthed bass.
 My catfish. Yeah the fish were small, but I think that's better. If they were any bigger I probably would have freaked out.

And there were many, many days that I went out to Boston already.
Faneuil Hall
 I recently got a new car too and I want one of these bears for my car keys!!!

And of course I hung out with friends too, but I didn't take any pictures with them for some reason... Oh well! I'll see them soon again hehe~

Today was a special day since my youngest sister and I went out for a bit to eat. Just us two for the first time!
 We ate a lot to the point where Christina had to go to the bathroom...... LOL
 Selca in the car, we just had to. Or at least I wanted to haha. We couldn't do anything afterwards because she had to go to the bathroom again -__-
And my face looks bigger/fatter than usual... Gotta do something about it!

And that's it. My pictures are telling that I haven't really done much this summer so far... I did a lot more, but I was too lazy to take pictures, so don't think that was it! Besides, a lot of the bigger events are coming up later this month and July especially (beach, aquarium, Six Flags, New York possibly, my birthday which I got big plans for, and of course LA)!!!

My next post will probably be on my wish list/must haves for the summer.

 If only those dollar bills were hundreds of hundred dollar bills for me...... lol

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