Sunday, June 24, 2012

Korean Bar Food and Palsaik

I just had to make another post on more food that I ate in LA! It's too good to not share about.

We went to this random restaurant that sold Korean bar food. The restaurant was in the middle of no where and from the outside it actually looks like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. I forget the name of the place but we all called it O.B. And I didn't know what Korean bar food was other than dried squid... But it's a whole lot better than that!

Octopus Bokkum with noodles. This was really spicy and probably my favorite!

 My cousin, Mike's favorite, Kimchi bbokkum with tofu. This was really good too but Mike ate most of it.

 Jok-bal aka, pig's feet. Well, it's the meat around the feet and legs. Not that many people like the taste of it because it's texture is strange I guess and chewy... BUT I LOVE IT! And eating it with Korean peppers, garlic, scallions and uuggghhh it's just too good!

I also ate Korean styled fired chicken which was okay. Soondae, which is one of the few Korean foods that I HATE. The best thing is that the whole place was cheap! And too bad that I couldn't drink beer or fruity soju there with the food!

So Korean bar food isn't super filling like other dishes, but it's still packed with a lot of flavor. It's a lot better than American bar food which is like... Hamburgers, fish and chips, and fries or something. I went to an American bar food restaurant thing and I remember hating it since I generally don't like fried foods. Anyway, Korean bar food is a must that everyone should try out!

Another great restaurant that I went to while in LA was Palsaik. I literally means 8 colors, but it's called that because it's known for their 8 flavors of 삼겹살 (sam-gyup-sal) pork belly meat or whatever you want to call it.

The set up of all the food is really nice! You can kind of tell in the menu's picture. So all of the meat comes in their own little plates on a long wooden board. the flavors were wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herbal, curry, miso, and spicy.
Each flavored piece is one long strip of good and beautiful meat.

So this is us cooking the first four flavors. The tray is also tilted so cooking and getting rid of the fat and oil that comes out was super easy! And you can also see that they give you a kind of Korean seafood jigae/soup. I seriously loved all of the flavors except herbal and curry. They were way too strong. But honestly.... nothing can beat the original flavor of the meat :) 

And after most of the jigae is gone, the waiter takes out excess soup and leave just enough to make Korean fried rice with it! It was crispy near the bottom of the tray and spicy, just like how real Korean fried rice should be! 

This  is a small view of the interior. I loved this place not only because of the food, but because it's very lively inside the whole restaurant! The lighting gave it a nice, night time outting feel, the TVs were loud and played Korean music videos, and the place is really clean! The best part though, were their seats though! The seat pops off like a container to put in your coat, bag, purse, etc. I was so amazed by it and wondered who the genius was because everyone knows that it's annoying to have to put your stuff on your chair and worry about it smelling like bbq after!

 Another great thing about Palsaik is that it's a chain restaurant and I'm hoping that it'll slowly make its way over to Boston!

Now I'm craving Korean food. I'm going to make some now, byeeeee :)

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