Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Summer Plan

It finally feels like vacation for me! I've been out of school for a little more than a week now, but I'm finally settled back in my room again and I've finally had a day where I just sat on my chair all day and feel like a lazy bum. I cleaned my room too, which relieved a lot of my stress, but I realized that I REALLY need to get rid of A TON OF CLOTHES and shoes and other junk which can be someone else's treasure :)

And I don't just want to give them away. I'm so fucking broke right now I need to make some kind of profit from the things I want to get rid of. Besides, some of the shoes and clothes that I have are from good brands and either new or barely worn! I honestly wish I was blog-famous enough to be just able to write up a post and be like - MY STUFF ON SALE - and yeah... sucks to be me haha. I don't want to use ebay or online sites, so I think I'm going to go to a thrift store or those buy, trade, sell stores over the summer! I want to make at least $1 on each thing I want to get rid of. That's how desperate I am!

Speaking of summer, there are a bunch of things that I want  to get done for this year's summer! Last year was kind of a fail and I only got half of the things I wanted to do done, but that's because I was over ambitious. I'm going to be a little more realistic this time!

Before my list, I'm going to add in this picture I found a while ago because it kind of sums up what I to do... How so? Well I want to have thin legs like these photoshopped ones on the models. And the pool, the palm trees, their style, and it being night in the picture are all things that I want in some way. *sigh*

So here's my Summer 2012 Plan!

1. Get down to 115 lbs! I'm slowly getting there already! Getting there will mean my arms, face, and legs especially will look slimmer which is what I want most. I'll finally be able to fit in my size 24/25 jeans! And I don't know if I mentioned this already before on my blog, but recently some Korean ahjummas asked my mom if I had plastic surgery! Because I did go to LA for spring break and now my face looks slimmer, they thought I had cut my jaw or chin to get my face size! The fuck? I would NEVER go that extreme to look prettier. They're just jealous that their own daughters don't have a small face like mine, which I have to thank my dad for surprisingly. And because I'm still not at my thinnest point, my face is only going to get smaller... When I lose weight it's most obvious in my face and legs, so hopefully no more ahjummas will say anything. They're just crazy with surgery and looks. 

2. Change my wardrobe! Like I said earlier, I want to get rid of a ton of my clothes. I want to change my style to a more sophisticated yet edgy look. I still want that Korean and New York taste though. And for me, this summer is all about the street and night look! I want to have clothes that I can wear on the streets looking like I'm going out for the night. I know I already have a lot of clothes that fit with my description, but what's wrong with an upgrade?

I LOVE her sheer, long cardigan. It's $75 online... So tempted to just buy it.

Ok, seriously, Asian models for clothing are way too photoshopped around their legs. just stop it, you're making me jealous

3. Go back to LA! There's a reason why I really want to go back. I STILL haven't talked about my LA trip in detail yet... *shame on me* I'm trying to make money fast so that I can go back for at least two weeks in the end of August! And going to LA will mean a lot of things for me. I'll see my family again, eat good food, see my friends over there again, meet more people, tan a bit, go clubbing again, go shopping, and see more opportunities! I can go on, but I'll save that for when I actually stop being lazy and talk about my trip hehe

4. Finish EMT classes well. That's right, I'm taking EMT classes really soon at Boston University. A really close friend of mine convinced me that I should take them and when I was thinking about, it will only help me! So why not? I'll have hands on experience, I can get a license out of it, I'll be meeting a lot of people - hopefully BU students hahaha, and it's forcing me to have to go out pretty much every day. It's also forcing me to find a job in the Boston area and volunteer work there, so that should be super tiring, but all worth it!

Huh because of some idiot, seems like I'm NOT taking these classes anymore... fml.

So yeah, those four are my most important things in my mind. I do have a lot more, but I don't care if I get them done or not! I'll list them anyway to make summer seem more interesting.

5. Zoo/Aquarium trip. One of our friends in church is going back to Korea for a long time, I don't even know if she is going to come back to the states for college! And one of her longtime wishes was to go to the zoo or aquarium as a group and just hang out. So I believe we're going to do that at the end of June! I better see some mad cute otters holding hands.

6. Sell my clothes. I'm so serious I want to sell them! I just don't know to where :'(

7. New York. Once again...

8. Six Flags. I have my own secret reasons HAHAHA

9. Change my hairstyle. This is really embarrassing to me, but I've lost so much of my volume and hair in general due to fucking digital perm that's STILL in my hair and constant dying. It's officially been a year since I got my perm and it's almost gone and it pretty much is taking up 1/3 of the hair. My hair grows fast so I'm really thankful that the worst of the damaged hair is gone. But I can still see the super damaged hair and the bottom portion of the hair is ALWAYS tangled. And dying my hair just makes it more fragile so when I'm washing my hair and brushing through it, the weak hairs and the tangle-ness makes me lose a lot of hair. So I'm being really careful lately and trying to allow my hair to just grow back. So I'm not going to dye it until the end of August, which I hope is enough time. And I just need a haircut. I want something like this?

This picture is actually from my tumblr haha. But pretty simple, straight cut on the bottom, very little/no layering, and front hairs a little shorter to make them "lighter". And I've been thinking of going back to red hair... A lot of people said I looked good in it, but I don't know yet!

10. Clean out my music. Yeah I know everyone needs to clean out their shitty music once in a while.

11. Read my books. There are so many books that I started to read and I just need to finish them!

12. Study for MCATS. This actually should've been my number 1 or 2, but for some reason I totally forgot about it. I already began studying and getting my stuff organized, but I need to pick up the pace. This is one reason why I wish I was 30, married, and rich already. Hoouh I'm probably jinxing it so I'm going to stop talking about it.

13. I want to eat really good Korean BBQ non-stop with some soju on the side in a super loud restaurant with the closest friends accompanying me on a hot summer night with a good 분위기. This is just some stupid fantasy of mine that I think of a lot since I haven't even done this while I was in Korea... Well I did, but my aunt, uncle, or mom was always with me -___-

14. Take more videos. I think I'm starting to like taking videos when I'm out, so we'll see where that goes.

15. Have Starbucks happen again, whether it be in Boston, New York, or LA! Ok this isn't really a "to-do" but more of an event that should happen to everyone out there during the summer haha. What I'm referring to when I say Starbucks is this kind of incident that I thought only happened in stupid Korean dramas, but it actually kind-of happened when I went to New York earlier this month to a weirdo like me. I just didn't talk about it because it made me seem like an idiot, but I had my reasons!

Basically an hour before my bus arrived to go back to Boston, I went to a big and crowded Starbucks to get some quick food. When I walked in I noticed this really good-looking, but very Korean looking guy sitting by himself at a table drinking coffee, but I see that a lot in the streets and malls and restaurants so I just do my own thing as usual. When I got my stuff I sat down at a table far away from where he was sitting, facing the window and while I was just checking that I had all of my stuff with me, I noticed that guy leaving then standing in front of the window. For some reason he kept on looking back into the Starbucks - at me. I thought that maybe he was just looking if he left something.

But for about 10 minutes, he kept on standing in front of the window and looked back inside once in a while in my direction. He couldn't have been waiting for someone either because it's fucking New York. You don't just wait for someone outside and if you need to go somewhere, you don't get a taxi in front of a Starbucks. I mean if you were a tourist you would do that, but he looked like a New Yorker. And you don't just wait for someone outside like a weirdo like it. It was raining that day and he had an umbrella, so it wasn't like he was stuck because of the rain. And I won't lie, I couldn't stop looking at him because he was really cute, so I wouldn't be surprised if he saw me staring for a bit haha!

Anyway I thought in my head, "there's just NO EFFIN' WAY that this guy can be looking at me". I felt like shit that morning too. All of sudden he walked back inside the Starbucks and just stood RIGHT next to my table/ME and I looked up and our eyes met and I'm pretty sure that he was about to say something while taking a phone out of his hand, but at that exact moment I thought, "Oh no I can't be doing shit like this now" and got up and walked away!!! Yes I walked away from a perfect opportunity like an idiot! A good-looking and stylish Korean namja that made an obvious move is something that you don't see a lot and I blew my chance LOL!

Picture break, I want her cardigan too...

Honestly I didn't really care though, I was way too tired to want to talk or even possibly flirt around. I had a bus to catch and if I missed it I would've just died and rotted on the streets. But if this happened once, it'll probably happen again. Ever since that I've been calling things like that Starbucks. This should happen to everyone in the summer, right?

This summer should be productive and interesting... I'm expecting a lot of things, yet I want my summer to be full of surprises! And I'm sure that I'll do a lot more than what I just listed. I just have to be a good girl and get my shit done on time :)