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SMTOWN Live in New York 2011

I am FINALLY going to post about my experience at the SMTOWN concert in New York way back in October 23, 2011! It's been so long that I can only remember bits of it here and there, but the pictures and the videos I took and the very few videos that are on YouTube from the show helped me remember a lot of it. And just a heads up, I had the hardest time picking the best pictures that I had - even though they're not the best quality because I could only bring my shitty, old and small digital camera - but this post is going to be picture heavy. And I'm not going to go into too much detail on what they performed, what they did, etc. You pretty much imagine the excitement. Besides, I personally don't really like SM entertainment artists - I'm a YG supporter haha - and I just don't know all of their names or songs... Except for SHINee and TVXQ.

Enjoy their beautiful, and not so beautiful, faces that I captured!

The concert was held in the Madison Square Garden and it was first time going to there! Actually it was my first time going to a real concert! Anyway, the inside is nothing that worthy to mention other than that it's pretty big and clean. I went with a friend and we sat in section 116!

First I'll talk about HOW I got the tickets because it's one of those stories that has a moral to it.

One day I was just sitting around someplace in school and then all of a sudden I got a Facebook message from this girl that used to go to my church a while ago asking if I wanted to go the SMTOWN concert with her! I said of course, thinking she just wanted to start up a conversation in some way. But she was serious and she needed someone older to go with and I was the only person that she wanted to go with! The tickets that she wanted to get were $200 and I just didn't have the money, so I told her straight up 'NO'. But she said that she missed me a lot - we haven't seen each other in at least a year at the time - and wanted to give me a high school graduation present, she just PAID for my ticket!

This girl, my friend, is a few years younger than me (by 4 years I think). When she used to live in the Massachusetts area, I used to play with her like a unnie/friend since a lot of people found her loud and annoying and not that many people would want to talk to her the way I did. That's what I loved about her, how she was loud and spunky. We would look at her iPhone pictures of Wooyoung and just spazz about his cuteness together. Either way, because I was a really good unnie to her in the past (and now still), look at what just happened! She hooked me up to a free concert -The first SMTOWN concert in New York! And of course I wasn't trying to make her pay for my ticket, we fought about it constantly. I'm just super grateful for her kindness! 

Moral: ALWAYS be good to the people around you! You never know how what great things can happen to you later! And never take it for granted! 

Now back to the pictures. This was our view from our seats. As you can see, we had a really good view of the entire stage! I knew some friends that were also at the concert and we were texting each other where we were sitting, and we just had the best seats. One of my friends could barely see the main stage and only the forked part LOL.

Opening was crazy and f(x) were the first to perform! They were really cute!

Amber's speaking voice is pretty deep, but in a cute way. I mean, look at her smile! LOL. Oh and it's true, her English is fluent, I don't know if you know, but a lot of Koreans lie when they say that they're really good at English. No funny accent either haha.

Oldie Kangta looking super weird compared to his old days! Did he lose A TON of weight or get something done... hehe

Sulli looking really innocent here. Yes, they did a duet!

Propose :)

I'm proud that I got this shot.

And SHINEE COMES UP! I love them, they're so cute!

Three of the Super Junior members sing some boring ballad. But they can sing so it's okay.

Passionate. lol

This was probably one of my favorite performances! It was Key from SHINee and Krystal from f(x) singing and dancing together "My First Kiss". It was really upbeat and they were running around the stage constantly! (no there was no fake kiss or anything in the end like Hyuna and Seunghyun's narsty one)

This good looking guy in Super Junior - I always forget his name - and Seohyun from Girl's Generation coming up for a duet! They sang that really popular English song, Way Back Into Love. They sounded really good together and they look good together too haha.

People started going crazy when SNSD came out to perform! Oh look at how sexy Jessica is! (I'm being super sarcastic here if you didn't know) One more thing. When they were introducing themselves, all I could think was "they fucking have the most highest pitched voices EVER". Sunny's hello was... wow - super high pitched and cute lol!  And Jessica and Tiffany did most of the talking because they were the only ones that knew English. And then let me get this straight, the rest are really not that good in English besides those two. Stop lying you crazy Koreans! OKAY I STOP.

Legs, legs, legs, legs, legs.

But I do like Taeyeon and Sunny!

I'm not hating, but HAHAHA! Here's my proof that SNSD legs are not straight and perfect like many men and girls believe it to be. Many of the girls I saw did not have perfect legs. And they're really not that tall. So yay, we're all fucking human!

Oh look at how their body sways... *cough* no ass *cough*


Ok I'll stop my sarcasm with SNSD, sorry lol. And people screamed even louder when the entire Super Junior - minus Siwon - performing!

See that nemo doll? Either someone threw it on stage or one of the Super Junior members brought it out - I totally forget. Anyway, it kept on reappearing because one of the members just kept on carrying it around with them throughout the show!

Leeteuk was my favorite because he did the most fan-service out of all of performers!

Lucky fans getting selcas with them too! He constantly took pictures and was like... laying and rolling around on the stage to get close with them.

Don't you just love random collaborations?!?! This was another favorite performance of mine when Key and BoA came out! They look good together! After their thing, BoA had her solo stage and damn, she's the best female dancer in SM.

I believe this was Mr. Simple and BONAMANA.

SHINee performing Ring Ding Dong! It was really crazy and people were jumping around and doing the dance haha. They're not that tall, but they're just super cute! Jonghyun is REALLY good looking in real life and sings very well. But my favorite it still Key :)

I wish this picture was CLEAR! It would've been a really good shot coming from my shitty camera.

Jealous of Tiffany's perfect looking armpits LOL

If you couldn't tell, this was their "The Boys" performance. And it was in English. *sigh* But their outfits look good!

Bunch of the dancers of each group doing some dance routine together.

DUN DUN DUUUUN. Finally the "kings" of SM appeared! It was already like... An hour and a half into the show. They were really saving the best for last! When they were freaking flying around the area, there was intense music and EVERYONE was screaming like crazy. My ears hurt.

Yunho looking manly.

Look at their faces.

Their songs and dances were really good! The best overall performers of the night!Too bad the rest of the old Dong Bang Shin Ki group wasn't there. If I saw Junsu I REALLY would've gone crazy.

Then after DBSK had their solo stage appearance, each group's 'best' songs were performed one by one. f(x) came out first to perform 'Pinocchio'!

Ah. Lucifer. SHINee. I loved watching this performance! This was another favorite!

Key's diva face.

Girl's Generation perfomed their famous 'Gee'

TVXQ with 'Keep Your Head Down'. BEST PERFORMANCE. I died.

The pace was really fast with these 'best' song stuff right up until the very end! Everyone came out with the SMTOWN pink t-shirts and said their thank yous and good byes!

Leeteuk walked all over the stage just capturing the fans faces haha. And yes, that nemo was there too, just not in this picture!

The concert was SO MUCH FUN. I'm so happy that this was my first official concert that I went to! The performances were amazing and the show itself was really entertaining! TXVQ and SHINee are still my favorite under SM.

SM did a really good job and I don't want them to every succeed as much as YG, but I do think that they left a pretty big and good impression about Korean pop stars in New York! There were many interviews from news networks going on after the show - they were only interviewing white people... - and as you guys know, SNSD was on TV for a few times. The only thing fan thing that I bought was a small hand towel that has the SMTOWN logo thing on it in pink for fucking $30. It's a ripoff, I know. I think I lost it too...

But the best souvenir that I got from the show was the freaking flu! I started feeling sick half way into the show and when I got back to Massachusetts the next day, I sounded like a man and died in bed for a fill week. But was it all worth it? YES.

 Again, I'm just so happy that my friend was able to let me go to the concert with her! Her kindness and her thoughtfulness will never be forgotten and I just want to hug her so tightly the next time I see her!

And here's a fugly picture of me with the stage in the background to prove that I really was at the concert lol. Remember, this was back in October!

Next concert that I'm planning on going to... BIGBANG.... 지용... 기대해... LOL

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