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G.NA's 2HOT Fashion

Few days ago, G.NA released her latest music video '2HOT' from her new, third mini album! The teasers got me pretty excited for it because it sounded catchy with the upbeat piano. Her hair, the outfits, and the hunky Korean firefighters also look so fresh.  Are there such things as hunky Korean firefighters? Lol. And now that I've watched the full music video, all I can say is... I LOVE IT!!

Watch it now if you haven't!

So I can't say that I'm particularly an avid fan of G.NA and her music. I always thought she looked old and funny looking. And her BOOBS are HUGE. I can't tell if they're real or not. And I've been told that in some of my pictures I resembled G.NA and I got pretty offended. But her new image has gotten me convinced that I love her voice, her style, and her body and looks! Now I wish I took those G.NA resemblance comments as a compliment in the past!

(And out of all people, why should I give a fuck if her boobs or face may not be real? hahaha)

Some pictures from showing her everyday fashion:

I can't get over her fashion sense - I think we may share the same tastes since I own similar things! I just wish I had the money to buy better quality pieces and I wish I had long legs and a thin body like hers to pull it off better haha.

Her hair and the clothes that she wears in the 2HOT video are so cute that I went on a mini rampage on finding similar stuff that's affordable so that I can wear it or I can dress up one of my sisters *evil laughing* But I shall share my findings too :)

This is from my Tumblr, but just look at her hair and minimal makeup! I like the two different hair colors, which is getting so freakin' popular, but not everyone can pull it off especially with orange and pink. I want orange hair like hers right now but I just can't yet. This reminds me, I really want to get the Etude House's 'I Love Pink #4' lipstick from the Look at my Lips line. Looks like the same color as her lips, no?

Her first look in the music video is definitely my favorite because I love jackets! And it's the most colorful and it just looks like a lot of fun! Plus, it's everything is SHINY.

(So I know there are a ton of similar items of everything, but I'm literally looking for the MOST SIMILAR. And for something that I would personally wear, so if there is something else that looks like whatever I find, then coooool.)

Her shorts are studded above the entire front pocket area, high-waisted, and cuffed. I found two shorts that I liked the most that looked like hers.

The one on the left is white denim shorts with studs, but it would fit the entire look too. It's from Forever21 for only $17.80! And I don't really like cut-offs since it just makes it look trashier, but it's really easy to just sew up! (type studded shorts in the search bar of their site and you'll find it!)

The light blue denim shorts on the right is from Urban Outfitters, online only, for $79... The denim quality must be a lot better. I know a lot of Forever21 denim get's that lint stuff everywhere after a few wears and washes. (type studded shorts) The stud pattern on these shorts look better in general too.

I had the most fun looking for the top! It's really hard finding a cropped tank top that's tie dyed AND sequinned, but that's okay - as long as it all matches. G.NA's is really bright and colorful and it attracts attention (besides the jacket). I'll admit though, that wearing anything sequinned is a little hard because usually the material fits your body very well and shows every curve you got. More motivation to lose weight!

So I'm going to go left to right, top to bottom, and if you want to find them, just search for 'sequinned' at their sites.

The first one is from cropped tank TOPSHOP for £16.00 which is about $20. If you have a nice body, you could go out in public and show off your stomach and back, unless you want to show off flab. And obviously you wouldn't wear white shorts with this!

Next is actually from Armani Exchange. The one in picture is in Desert Pink for only $29! It comes in a lot of other pinks, white and black, but prices are either $29 or $32 depending on the color. The back doesn't have sequins on it, but it's okay, it's from Armani!

The next one is from Lord and Taylor for $35. It's not sequinned, but the tie dye colors and pattern is pretty!

The rest are from... for a whopping $249, and it's out of stock anyway haha
Delia's, on sale for $22.50.
Express on sale for $27.93!
Express also on sale for $27.93. (When I think of sequins, I always think  of Express first, they have so much!)
Mango for £27.99 ($35).
Delia's on sale for $22.50.
Now... The jacket is THE HARDEST thing to find. G.NA's was definitely made by whoever her fashion designer is because there is no way I could find a decent looking BRIGHT magenta jacket with zippers at the sleeves with that metallic paper finish that shines a yellow color. You just can't find one at the moment! Maybe her look will be popular enough that Korea will start making those, but it's definitely not going to be found in your mall anytime soon. I found good replacements anyway.

So to have G.NA's first look, you need a just as eye catching, bright jacket to balance the super sequinned top. If you want to go super cheap, there's a pink denim cropped jacket at Forever for just $24.90! Come's in different colors too, but this is the brightest.

This is a light pink biker jacket, you want to play it a little softer at Miss Selfridge for $91.00.

And if you want to stand out, then you can find a very pink (quilted) biker jacket at Jane Norman for only £35 ($44)!

The next three are all from TOPSHOP for £180 ($225), £45 ($56), and £60 ($75) respectively. I love these jackets and they can work really well even though they're not bright pink! But the black might be a little too... black haha
I wasn't intending to find the jewelry or shoes at all because that's something you just find instantly, but I found these shoes at TOPSHOP for £78 ($98)! G.NA's heels are silver and shiny and laced, but these are similar enough and they're pretty.


G.NA's hair is so cute braided like that. Any, this is so easy to mimic and find in stores, so I won't even try! Just rolled up jeans, leather belt, leopard print heels, and a white tie-up dress shirt. WOW you're done!

G.NA is seen wearing this for like... 3 seconds of the entire music video and it looks like a flower print, high-waisted shorts with a sleeveless black blouse. This is easy too but I like how it kind of looks sleek and I thought I'd mention it anyway. So tucking in your shirt into shorts is all you need to do! Add black heels and wooooo.

ROMWE: $28.99
H&M: 39.99
FOREVER21: $19.80
FOREVER21: $17.80

This is so unique, I would never wear anything like this! haha. It's a simple neon lime-green dress with stud patterns on the bottom. Yeah... Good luck trying to find that.

And she wears those super cute shiny silver heels again with this! I like her hair with that mega fuzzy thing.

This the last one and it's my second favorite! G.NA looks so freakin' cute in this outfit! Just look at that brightening smile! Her lip color is bright and glossy, and having her bangs pinned to the side make her look very youthful LOL. AND LOOK AT THOSE BOOBS. In the music video, they bounce so much at this point that it makes me very jealous about my own. They must be padded a little too haha.

First of all, this look was also designed specifially for her and this video... Finding an oversized bow THAT OVERSIZED is just... I don't even know. And that partial tutu piece that sticks out on her shorts must've been handmade because if you look closely in the music video, it also serves as a belt with the long, black silk/satin strap tied up.  But who would wear a bow that big and a tutu thing in the general public? haha

So I found many similar lace-ish tops from Forever21 and this one was for only $13.80.

And instead of wearing a tutu, a good replacement is just tying a scarf onto your waist. And since this look is too black and white, you can go pink since G.NA has pink in your hair and you most likely don't. Both are from TOPSHOP for £18 ($23) and £16 ($20).

Her shorts look like it's made from silk or satin, so those are almost always on the pricier side. I wouldn't want to wear cheap satin because they scratch easily or just get ruined. The ones with the bows I think are really cute and it's for $96 from Sonia. And the other one is from Theory and it's $150 - Theory is always so overpriced!

G.NA's heels are the cute strapped kind, but I like the ones I found so much more! It looks more modern and sleek. It's from BCBG for freakin $225! I know that's a lot, but shoes need to be in good quality or then they hurt like hell when you walk in them.
And that's it! I hope you liked this post and I hope it helped you out a little on what to buy the next time you go to the mall. I had fun making this post... Maybe I'll make more in the future with other music videos? haha

(Hmm... I LOVE G.NA's style! I really want to go shopping now and update that closet or mine. )

So if you dress like G.NA in her 2HOT music video, who knows? You might have people complimenting on how you look so fresh or even have hunky Korean firefighters check you out :D


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