Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day in New York HAUL

As I blogged before, I went to New York recently for one day and bought a bunch of cute stuff!!

I'll first start with what I didn't get exactly... I went to the Fashion District of New York and went to this one store that was having a huge clearance sale and the shoes there were so cheap! Why didn't I buy any of them? Because I am totally broke right now :(

And almost all of them were recognizable brand name shoes that you see online or in Nordstrom! It was 20%-70% off! 

Ankle rain boots!! Cute ones like these are hard to find, and these were orginally ~$100, but in this store they were all $50!

As you can obviously see, these heels were $48 or $20! I REALLY wanted to buy the $48 white strapped heels! They were like 5 inches though, and they KILLED my feet, so no buy. Aren't they so pretty and fierce looking? I wish I owned shoes like those!

Now that I'm looking at these pictures again, I really regret not buying anything there. Oh well! Anyway, the first thing I bought was this super cute plushie from the Hello Kitty Store! And his name is Tuxedo Sam! I finally have a new doll that's NOT a monkey... 

I went to a random accessory store near the fashion district and they had one whole wall full of stuff on sale! The bracelet is my favorite! Reminds me of 2NE1, which is why I bought it... *no shame* I plan on wearing this a lot during the summer!

I also bought these earrings! When I wear them, they're definitely noticeable, which is what I wanted! These look really muh-sshi-suh, so yeah. I love them a lot too.

I also bought these two necklaces. They're very Korean styled, and the owner of the store was Korean, so my smart thinking led me to the conclusion that she buys accessories from Korea. So it made me love the bracelet, earrings, and the necklaces even more! And the best part, since these were all bought from the sale wall, each thing was $2.99 each! I'M SO CHEAP YAY!

When I went to SOHO, The one thing on my mind was to go to TOPSHOP and buy the white skull print scarf! It has skulls all around the edge, which is what I love the most about it! The material is really nice and soft too. All I can say is that skulls are in right now, and this is the best and sexiest scarf that I own now hahaha

What it looks like when opened up... Doesn't the design make it look so much better?!

Then I went to the Brandy Melville store that's also in Soho, and bought two things! First is this greenish hooded sweater. I've mentioned in my previous post about how the cotton in this store is the 'point'! It's really soft! The sweater is really thin too, so it's meant to be worn in the spring and summer!I love it because it's baggy and the back is longer than the front.

The other shirt that I bought was this one with a skull print on the front - of course. I liked how the sides were cut deep, it makes you look skinnier haha! I know I'll be wearing this often!

Ok this next one is something that I'm not really proud of, but why not mention it? So my feet were killing me while I was walking around Soho, so I HAD to stop by and buy new shoes. I found an Urban Outfitters and found something that was decent and bought it. I regret it though because it was around $35~$39, I forget, and after two days of wearing them, they're already getting ruined! What kind of shit sandals are these? I really liked the chains and colors on them, but nope! This is the second time I bought some kind of shoes from Urban that got ruined really quickly. But they are pretty....

Anyway, my favorite things that I bought were the smallest ones! And they were all from K-town. First I'll show you the things I bought in the Face Shop! 

I bought false eye lashes! I really like wearing falsies on special occasions, and I needed new ones anyways. The second ones scare me a little, but I want to try something new! Hopefully the time comes to try these out!

I LOVE NAIL POLISH! So I had to buy more! I bought three from Face Shop and I love all the colors! I should have probably worn the colors too and taken a picture, but I already did my nails recently, so I couldn't. Maybe next time! But the orange one is the prettiest because it has this sparkly pearly thing going on. The pink one has a purple shiny tint to it too which makes it special and the mint colored one is really nice when you want to go out at night ;) which is what I have on now LOL. The bad thing about Face Shop nail polish is that if you're not careful, it gets thick quickly. But I can't argue that their colors are really nice!

And of course I got a free sample mask after buying the nail polish and falsies! That's what I fucking love about Korean beauty shops - free shit that's actually NICE. 

Then I walked into a small Korean accessory store that's really close to the Face Shop and bought these two really cute hair ties! I freakin' love both! I can't decide which one to give my sister... Anyway they're fun to just wear on your wrist too haha

So that's it for my New York haul! Thank fucking god that I only stayed there for a day or else I would've been SUPER BROKE. I'm super happy with the things that I bought for myself, my cousin and my sisters! Next time I'm going with them to find even prettier stuff!

Now I'm going to get ready to hang out with people tonight, bye!

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    and i saw the exact same bow ankle rain boots in korea :O OH BAYBEHHH
    i like your hairties :D they look very korean :D im ready to look sexehhh