Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Day in New York

If you guys didn't know, I recently just came back from my one day trip to New York! And of course I have to blog about it and post pictures because I should be studying for my last final, but I don't want to.

I went on the 4th of May and I just have to say that it was a real refresher! Everything in New York just seemed more beautiful to me than usual. Maybe it was because I needed a change of scenery from school and work. Either way, I went partly because I didn't have finals to study for for a while and partly because I was a little bored of the college town I was in... And partly because I wanted to forget about my guy problems and see some new eye-candy, if you know what I mean. In the end, the main reason I traveled there for a day was to visit my younger cousin and just hang out with him since I've been missing him.

So I left or the bus around 6:30AM and arrived in Port Authority around 11:30AM. I hated the bus ride, but I forgot all about it after I actually walked onto the streets of New York City. The weather was a little cold and I think it rained the day before, so it was kind of gross outside...

The first thing I went to was the Sanrio, Hello Kitty store! And I must say things were a little overpriced, not really, but super cute! There were so many dolls and stationary and other crap with Hello Kitty on it. Yes, I did buy a plushie from here and I will have a New York haul post about that soon!

After cruising through that really fast, I finally got into Times Square, and as usual, there were tourists in packs taking group pictures in front of stores or with those scary Elmos and Buzz Lightyears roaming around everywhere. But since the weather wasn't the greatest and it was still a little early, it wasn't that packed. It made my walk so much easier too.

This is one of the billboards in Times Square... And that's a sexy car... I want a car so badly right now...

The Disney and Forever21 store in Times Square looking pretty as always. Love the group in the neon pink shirts.

This is the giant Toys R Us store and this time around, the heroes from the Avengers are on it! I saw the midnight premiere of the movie and IT WAS SO GOOD! I was skeptical about the movie at first, but it's so worth it! I'm planning on watching it again. Thor is sexy and the Hulk is the best ;)

Because I had a plan for the day, I didn't have time to go into any of the stores in Times Square and I was heading straight to Koreatown, 32nd Street so that I could eat and meet up with my cousin. But as I was walking I found THIS:

CRUMBS!!!!! It's the BEST cupcake bakery I've been to yet! The first time I went into one was when I was Los Angeles recently for spring break (oops I forgot to blog about that... I'll do that soon too!) and I can't describe how good it tastes. They're super moist and the favors are really good. Each one has a filling in it too that matches the name of the cupcake. The designs are simple, cute, and colorful too. So yeah, when I saw this, I had to stop by and buy me one! Too bad that there isn't a Crumbs bakery in the Boston area... Or is there one? And here's another side comment of mine: Because this is New York, people here just dress well naturally like the one walking in the right of the picture. *sigh* I love this 분위기. <-search it up if you don't know what that means haha.

This is one of many small parks that are scattered around New York. I forget the name even though I always walk through it, but it's the one next to Korean town. This one is really small, but it's so cute and pretty! This was when the weather started to warm up, so it just felt really nice walking through it.

I finally got to Korean town, from now on it's K-town, and since my cousin wasn't there just yet, I did a little shopping in some of the stores. First of all, I'll talk about the K-town in New York. It covers 31st - 36th street on 5th and 6th Avenue, and many Korean people live there. But the main attraction is 32nd Street. That's where all the good stuff is located - the restaurants, bakeries, foryo places, accessories, kpop stuff, a FaceShop is there, and more. At night, it's pretty sexy because that's where all the good looking Koreans come out to eat and then go clubbing and karaoke or whatever. They all stand outside of the restaurants smoking, it's a hot scene LOL.

Again, since I was there in the afternoon, there weren't that many sexy people walking around, but that was okay with me because I still got my fill of eye-candy. A lot of the waiters in the restaurants hang around outside to do errands, smoke, take a break, or whatever outside and DAMN they were all good looking. I wish I dressed better and looked better that day, but I was feeling like crap so I probably looked like a mess - hence why there are no pictures of me in this blog... BUT I did make eye contact with some and I wanted to die hahaha.

My cousin found me while I was shopping for some stuff and then we went to this Korean-cafeteria styled place in the same area, I go there often too but I never remember the name.... Oh well. I was craving cold bibim myun. It's Korean cold noodles with meat, veggies, spicy sauce, and of course chunks of ice. IT WAS GOOD and pretty cheap.

After stuffing my face and talking, we went to the Koryodang bakery that's close by and bought bubble tea. The drinks were okay, but what I love about this bakery is the interior! I remember going there when I was younger with my sisters and my cousin, and we just fell in love with the place! And Korean bakery is always good. So yeah. I really like Koryodang.

After that, our destination was SOHO! We took the subway or the metro - whatever the hell people call it in New York, and walked to my cousin's NYU dorm to drop off some stuff and walked to Soho. The streets are so pretty! I was so happy that the trees were all green and full. The streets of New York just looks and feels different from the streets in  Boston. Yes, that guy is my cousin.

Soho was mad busy and crowded with more tourists and the New Yorkers all shopping and taking pictures. I had one store in mind and that was TOPSHOP. I've never been to the one in New York, so it was time. there were this one item I had to get my hands on too! There are three floors and the top floor was where all the new shoes and sale shoes were. I love the clothes from TOPSHOP, I just wish it was cheaper!!

The store I went to after was Brandy Melville! Boston doesn't have one of the stores, but I'll just say that I love their style of clothing and the cotton feels really soft! I did go to other stores, but they're not worth mentioning hehe.

After shopping, we headed back to the NYU area and I wanted to see another park. Yeah, hopefully everyone recognizes this building. And I forgot the name once again! Sorry guys, I just woke up from my sleep and I pulled an all-nighter before for my hardest final. I can't think and can't remember anything!

The park is really, really close to my cousin'r dorm, we we just walked around and talked more. I could imagine being with  a boyfriend and taking a stroll... It's a bigger park and it's spacious and pretty... I need to find a namja...

After walking around and seeing a ton of French tourists around the park, we got hungry and I wanted to eat ramen. I wanted to go to the famous(?) ramen restaurant called Ippudo, but it was too far and I was getting way too tired. My cousin knew a ramen place really close by his dorm called Ramen Takumi, and we went in there and ordered yummy food! I ordered pork gyoza, which were good and the tan-tan something ramen. And stuff near the bottom of the picture is supposed to be 'cut-up' chicken, but it was more like hacked chicken.

To be honest, it definitely wasn't as good as Ippudo. It the ambiance in this restaurant was no where as cool
and trendy as Ippudo. Ramen Takumi is cute inside, but that's it, cute. Whereas Ippudo has fancy seats and furnishings and a nice dim to it. But Takumi is cheaper, less crowded, quieter, and close by. So if you like those things, I recommend going. I mean, it still tasted really good to me! (Ippudo is REALLY REALLY good though).

This is the front of Ramen Takumi. See the brick walls and the lights inside? :)

Finally I head back to the dorm, organized everything that I had just bought and got ready for my bus back to my school the next day. But the next early morning, I still had to check out some stuff!

New York was a lot of fun, and I just missed it a lot. Because I go there a lot, at some point in my life I realized that New York was a place that I would HATE to live in. But going there once in a while is something that I LOVE. It's one thing to travel there with family, and another when you're going there with friends. But going there by yourself to just relax is something different altogether. It's surprisingly relaxing when you're alone with no worries and no strict plans in Manhattan. The scenery is so pretty too! Everything has a style to it and I love it! My only regrets were that I wish I ate more food off the streets and restaurants, and I wish I looked better and healthier (lol) that day so that I could take a least one picture with my cousin on the vintage looking streets.

This one day trip/visit was something I really needed, and even though I am totally broke now, it was all worth it! I'm planning on going again soon, either alone, with my friend that like to party a lot, or with my sisters and cousin! And the next time I go, I'm going to try out different foods and take more pictures with whoever I am traveling with haha!

So next up, I'll blog about my A Day in New York HAUL! And my LA trip will eventually make it's appearance... 

And now I shall end my New York trip story with a picture of a typical, but pretty scene that you see when you're visiting the city!

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