Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprise Video...

Today I got a pretty nice surprise from some really close friends of mine. They're brother and sister and our family has known their family even before we were born, so they know every secret of mine and vice versa. So they've known about me having a little (?) interest in a guy that I've been calling on my blog D2 for some time now. When I told them that I was first interested in him because of the way he walked in my church's halls, looking like some Korean boy that belonged in some idol group with his stylish clothes and hairstyle and crazy height, they laughed like crazy. Coincidentally - or maybe it is fate? lol I'm thinking too much now - they also knew who D2 was because he went to their church before he went to mine, which didn't last too long though. D2 went back to James and Angela's church maybe about a month and a half of going to mine.

As of now, D2 still goes to their church. And James has been making an effort to get to know him. Too much effort. Both James and Angela still laugh at my interest in him because for one thing, he is way too good looking for someone ugly like me... Two, he's a fob, although James tells me that he's been more open and speaks more English now. And three, D2 wears these types of earrings that G Dragon also wears. I think it's stylish but they think it's funny looking.

James brags in my face that he's now pretty good friends with D2 and even has his number and always goes like "Oh I can call him up right now and you can talk to him!" or "Hey, I'm good friends with him, do you want me to talk about you with him, huh, HUH?"

And today, he sent me a surprise video truly showing his efforts of trying to make me feel jealous or anxious or something.

IT WAS D2!!! And he looks into the camera and softly says....

"i love you...." 

and then speaks up and says...

"I love you"

AGAIN! WTF!!!! And D2 was good looking as usual in the video... *sigh*

Apparently James went up to D2 during church and randomly made D2 say those 3 words while he was recording. D2 was curious as to why - you could see his confused face in the video haha - but James THANKFULLY didn't tell him why. I was video chatting with James and Angela while I watched the video they sent me and they laughed at my reaction, which was screaming and laughing like a fan girl.

But this kinda hurt watching the video... I know that him liking me is probably impossible, at this stage of my physical appearance at least. And seriously, what kind of love story is like this? If one person is being sneaky about liking someone and her friends are always giving her secret updates and videos and pictures about the guy, how awkward would it be for the guy to actually like her back? I mean, to me at least, I've NEVER heard of a dating story start out like that. NEVER. You only see that happen in really girly anime or drama. Some nerdy girl that stalks some hot guy that every other girl likes all of a sudden does something stupid that grabs the guys attention and then he starts having an interest in the girl and then the girl gets all nervous because he doesn't know that she stalks him and runs away. Then the guy chases after her blah blah blah blah.... NEVER HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE.

So if this kind of stuff goes on, it's just impossible for me to actually get to know him in a dating way... Getting this video was just too much...

But at the same time I was happy. He is good looking! I got a real good laugh about it and so did my sisters. I also got some silly, but amusing poems that were inspired by the video "to me".

u no u need him
so make him urs
he's cool and sweet
just like smores

he <3s u
he said it twice
so eat those smores
but also with rice - Angela


I love you... I love you
what more can he say?
He'll tell you that
Every single day

so go have some s'mores with him
You know you want to
and tell him you love him
Just don't make a poo - Jeero


his hair is cool
but u havn't seen his body
so take him to a pool
and c if he's a hottie

he might hav abs
u never know
or it could b flab
then, there would b no model show - Angela


maybe if u see him
It'll be love at first sight
the lights would be dim
and you'd make love tonight

and you'd have a famiry
and your love will be shown
Living happily
And not #foreveralone ♥ - Jeero


But then again, you never know~ wtf here comes my hopeless daydreaming....
We will see! James and Angela ARE taking us to Six Flags with their church and James is so willingly going to introduce me to D2 as if we have never met - even though we have but I bet he doesn't remember me. D2 is definitely going and James is definitely hanging out with him and their friends since they are close now. That's coming up in a few weeks so hopefully..... things will go well! *sigh i do want a boyfriend..... not going to happen with him hahahaha*

And this surprise has actually gotten me to feel MORE MOTIVATED to lose weight and fix my skin problem as soon as possible!!

So I actually used a mask today to feel all clean and happy :)

I actually got this Aloe mask from Missha as a gift from a Korean girl that lived next door in the same dorm as me. She was a graduating senior and was leaving back to Korea, but she was so kind and gave me three of these to help me with my skin and as a thank you gift for getting to know each other-  fellow Koreans. Being Korean is sooooo good!

I'm ready for extreme workouts and dieting and green tea to get to 115 lbs!!! Seriously... if you're thinner, you just look good in any kind of clothing for some odd reason. I can wait to wear that tank dress that my cousin Alex Kim from California bought me from Urban Outfitters! It's shaped so that the middle is a bit wider than the rest of the tank to make you look skinnier. But I won't have any ugly arm fat or armpit fat that I'd  have to hide so I can pull off that outfit! I hang it on my lamp so that I can see it to remind me of the awesome clothes I'd be able to wear hur hur. You can also see my new bag thing with the cute cherries :)

Anyway, the video made my day. Lots of good things came out of it! (and six flags is not too far off)


  1. LOL i love how you put random picture of g dragon in there :) made me happy.
    awww don't feel bad abuot D2! since you know jiyong and angela it's not impossible at all to meet him. i'm sure you'll get introduced to him soon, even if a relationship doesn't sprout out of it. at least you'll be acquainted! and since you've liked him for so long and you're a good person at least you'll end up as friends.

  2. oh and about losing weight! you can do it! i'll still be fat by the time i get to boston which depresses me... but i know that being depressed wont help. better to lose the amount that im able to lose instead of moping about it and getting even fatter. but read my blog! well i actually didnt post it yet but i will write it RIGHT now. it has to do with dieting/weight loss but in a scarier way. be safe :D

  3. LOL jeero's last poem and the last line XD