Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Thinking about Summer....

I woke up today feeling all sweaty in my bed. IT WAS SO HOT! I even kicked my blanket off to the corner.
I had to turn on the AC pretty soon after I got up. It was only about 80 degrees outside, but it felt freakin' humid.

Then my mom came in and bought sushi, unagi~ It tasted pretty good for americans making sushi in a supermarket lol.

Anyway, all of this is just a sign of summer to officially begin. And I keep on rambling on about this, but I just can't wait! The bugs will be coming in.... humidity - oh god. July is my favorite month, so that means my birthday is coming up.... beaches.. being lazy... ice cream all day... the freedom can go on.

But then these things reminded me of my past two summers. For the past two summers, my mom, my sisters and I went to Korea for about a month each - both occurred for most of July. And since July is coming up, it's just reminding me even more of the fun times I had then.

When I went two years ago in 2009, that was the first time I had ever set foot in Korea. Before, I'd only dream of going to Korea because, for the most obvious reason, I'm Korean, but I've only been exposed to America. I watched so many Korean shows, movies, about %90 of my music are Korean, so it's natural for someone like me to want to go there. Of course I wanted to buy clothes there - Korean style IS different and I love it a lot more than the things I find here. And the way Koreans just live life, the way they just do things is different than how people do in the states. I just wanted to experience it all. At the time, I think it was about the second year that my cousin, Simmie had been living in Korea. My sisters, my cousin, and I are extremely close and we haven't seen each other in person for a looong time, so we wanted to see and hang out with each other in Korea. When I found out that our dad bought 4 plane tickets to go to Korea, I just wanted to jump off a cliff or something.

To make a long story short - going there was the best thing ever and I think it changed the way I thought about things a lot.

Last year, my dad joked about sending us to Korea and it really pissed me off because I was serious in how much I wanted to go. But he kept on saying stuff like, you want to go? well too bad, or I bought the tickets...just kidding we have no money and just made fun of the entire thing. And when he said that we were really going in July, I thought he was lying. But then I found out one day that we were leaving the country in 5 days... Seriously, 5 days was not enough time to say bye to friends and pack hahaha. But again, going to Korea was amazing and ahhhh just too much to think about.

Here's an ugly picture of me and my sister, Jeero pigging out. I miss real, authentic, Korean BBQ restarants!

And now here I am... I have a job that keeps me occupied during the weekdays until school starts again... My mom just sits in front of her laptop everyday watching something Korean or playing an Alzheimer-preventing game... My sisters hang out with their friends (my friends are all too busy with work too so we can barely see each other poo)... blah blah. There is just no way that I'm going to Korea this July. I've been begging my parents to send me to Korea just one last time this summer for a few reasons. First, the summer after your freshmen year of college is the best time to vacation since no one really wants to hire a college freshmen for any good internship. Two, my cousins are moving out of Korea by August, so I would have no real comfortable place to stay. Three, a lot of my friends were going to go to Korea too. Four, one of my newest best friends was going back to Korea to see her family and she was offering me a place to stay in Ulsan - a city in the south near the coastal city of Busan. Five, I would go clubbing for the first time with my friend - Korean clubbing looks soooo much more fun to me. Six, my friend that lives in Ulsan wanted to introduce me to some of her guy friends that she knew - some that know some English and some hat don't - because she knew that I wanted a boyfriend, even if it was just a friendly little thing for a short time.

But no.

No Korea this year.

But that's okay since I AM planning to go next summer. So all of those things that I was going to do if I went this year will happen next year. And this summer is going to be special in its own way too. Since I'll be able to drive around freely - soon I hope? I bet I'm going to fail lol....... not.... My cousin is going to move in a place that isn't too far from where we live. And I just be getting the real freedom that I never had while I lived in this  country.

The next big event, the official first one of the summer (to me), is a get together for the forth of July. I was talking about it with my sisters today and we want to go to Boston and eat ice cream, dress up, and watch the fireworks someplace there with a few friends of ours. So it'll be like an outing and we can pretend to be like... idiots acting like kids who've never seen fireworks before or something. Hopefully we make that happen. If not - we'll probably just go karaoke with other group of friends and then pig out someplace hahaha.

I want to see it in real life for once! Not just on HDTV with shit commercials in between lol

Yup. This summer is definitely going to be different than the past two that I had - but it's still going to be just as amazing~

 I mean... I did make a list of 99 things to do for this summer right? hehehe

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  1. this summer WILL be just as amazing as the last two :D and we can work on that list of yours. i like all the new widgets and stuff you added to your blog! i like the twitter one. i wanted to add a twitter widget but all the non-korean ones are ugly.. im too lazy to make a daum account so i cant get them. -___- i shall be on the search for cute twitter widgets.. although i barely post on twitter, still. the bird is cute.
    yumm i remember that gogi place :) i had gogi a few days ago. tonight i'm eating chicken :D you remember that chicken that my dad brought home and we ate it for like 3 days? WOOHOO time to get fat hehehehe