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I AM IN LOVE WITH LEGGINGS! They're soooo comfortable and stretchy. And when I feel extra fat or something, wearing leggings feel so much better than tight skinny jeans and it does hide fat unlike shorts. And you can wear ANYTHING with them and create the most funkiest, but stylish things on the streets!!

I LOVE THE UNION JACK PRINT ON THIS! - btw for some reason I'm seeing Union Jack prints on EVERYTHING NOW!

As I mentioned in my past post, I got new leggings from my sister's, Sarah, friend at church. Yeah they're cute, but not exactly what I was looking for. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PRINT LEGGINGS - not to mention the ripped up ones, jeggings, and leggings with studs and stuff - but print leggings are so hard to find in the states and only exist in Asia, at least the pretty ones.

These are the two that I got recently:

As you can see, the black one with stripes is more fit for the winter time. And the green-brown one has a tribal print to it, which is cute and all, but me and tribal don't go very well. So it's going to be a bit difficult for me to wear these out in public and actually look good without anyone saying something strange about them haha. I can imagine that a plain, baggy, white shirt can look good with it with a matching scarf, and nice heels, but you have to be really skinny for that image to look good.... hmmm... Oh, and these are obviously from Korea!

I have other leggings that I bought from Korea last year during the summer in Myeong-dong, one my my favorite fashion districts in Korea. I love it so much because it's a bit different from the other fashion districts in that it has more street-style things whereas other places are more on the high-end styles. And Myeong-dong is CHEAP. Even though the quality is noticeably crappier, I don't care. It looks really stylish, young, and as long as you take care of your clothes, they can last for a long time even if it's made from bad quality cloth.

Anyway, the leggings that I got from Korea are theseeee:

These are my most favorite leggings of all!!! The one on the far left is really pretty since they have those "holes" and they're see-through, so you can see a bit of skin hehehe. sexy if I say so...

The middle one is imitating clouded jeans, which were, and still are (?) really popular in Korea and NOW the states are realizing how cute these are and catching up on the trend. (I swear I see more and more of these clouded jeans as the months go by, but Korea was CRAZY about them like 2 years ago... And people tell me that New York is the first in street trends... HELL NO I DON'T THINK SO!) But these aren't jeggings because they don't have that jegging feel to it.

And the one on the far right are the cutest to me. They're the true meaning of print leggings. I LOVE THEM you can really look stylish wearing these with the right outfit on the streets of New York and stuff.  But my problem with these are that THEY'RE SO TINY! I could never fit into them... even at my most skinniest stage. If I lost like 5 more pounds at that state, maybe I could've.... But I believe that I can fit into them soon, so I can't wait to wear these!

Love the hair lol

Like....Can you find these in the States?!?! I don't think so! Even if you can, can you beat the price of about 12,000 won each (~$12 ) ?! And that can be even considered pretty EXPENSIVE in Korea for those (whut???)I've seen really nice leggings in the states that are a bit similar, but they were like.... OVER $50!! And you can get Korean leggings in K-Towns like Flushing, New York and that giant HMART in New Jersey, but they're always more expensive since they were imported like around $25~$30. Trust me... I went shopping for these kinds of leggings in all of those places and they don't beat the actual birth place in Korea.

For example:

These Rustic Brenton leggings from my new favorite brand, All Saints, is $65!!! Who the hell wants to pay up that much from something as plain as these? Yeah it's probably better material and shit. But wtf, the ones imported from Korea are MUCH BETTER than those... These look funny anyway, sorry All Saints! Your leather products are the best though! :)

And I found these PLAIN BLACK LEGGINGS WITH ~5 FAKE GOLD STUDS ON THE BOTTOM LINED UP VERTICALLY in some store in Boston, I forget the name and it has no big brand name and they were $75!!

Okay.. these look okay and they're new from Forever 21and only $12 something. They're made out from a lace material... Kinda strechy... kinda, pretty thin as you can see skin under it if you look close enough. BUT THEY FEEL LIKE SHIT. It's SO ITCHY. I work there, so I've touched it. But it is a nice print and cheap. But I will go for the Asian kinds anyday. And personally... I don't like leopard print leggings. They only look good as clubbing stuff, but even then, leopard print tanks with sexier ripped leggings are better.. just my opinion don't yell at me.

My other favorite kinds of leggings are the fake-leather/shiny kinds. Okay, maybe you can get those from Forever 21, I saw a bunch of new ones at the store a few days ago while I was working, and actually the leggings in the middle and the right are from Forever 21.... But I don't like the feel to them AT ALL. The middle one is a fake-stretch-leather thing, but it's not very flexible and there isn't much "breathing" space. Like, if you sweat in them, you'll want to kill yourself. But they do look nice. And the one on the right is pretty with the zipper and the sparkly gold stuff all over it. But it just feels.... BAD. After wearing them a few times, it already feels... bad. I know that as long as you take care of your clothes they can last.. But seriously... That one has no hope now haha. the one on the far left is actually ordered online from some Taiwanese brand and they go halfway up to your calves. It's a really shiny black material and it feels cool. But again, since it's from Asia, home of the skinny glory, I can't fit into them hahaha. Almost! but not now.....

Of course I have the basic kinds of leggings too, but they're too boring looking to have pictures up. They're just super comfy - I have to keep mentioning that!

I want more leggings now. MORE! muahaha. The ones I want now are ripped up ones, jeggings, more design-y ones and of course, print like the blue one in my picture.








I LOVE THE LEGGINGS ABOVE! And her hair color... And her nail polish...

Okay, that's all for now about my love for leggings! I want to buy more soon! 

And since I'm planning and saving up for my trip to South Korea next summer, you can be sure that I will be buying a TON of leggings that look just as sexy and cute as the ones in the pictures!!

I hope you got more insight to leggings from the other side of the world lol

BYE I HOPE YOU GO OUT AND BUY LEGGINGS. TRY TO FIND NICE ONES IN THE STATES AND PROVE ME WRONG. you will fail puahaha . Just kidding, just be happy with your leggings.

*looking up more leggings*

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  1. .... i should go out right now to myungdong and buy leggings. but i got duh no money. WHATEVS GEE