Wednesday, June 15, 2011

99 Things To Do For Summer

Summer is officially on it's way and I'm really bored now, so I want to share the 99 things that I really want to do for this year's summer. I actually thought most of these a couple weeks ago, but I only had about 75 things. But 75 isn't a cool number, so I thought of the rest just now!

I just have a gut feeling that this summer is going to be a real special one! Why? Well, I got my first job, which is a big deal and I get money, I'm going to get my driver's license this summer (hopefully by the end of this month!) so I'll be able to drive anyone anywhere, and my cousin Simmie is finally going to be reunited with us in August - which just means DISASTER! hahaha

Anyway, some are straight forward, some involve people that you won't know, some are just random - and this is in no particular order, just whatever came into my mind :)

1. Get to 115 lbs or less!
2. Get my free bon chon chicken and eat it with special people
3. Get a job
4. Clear my acne stricken face! (Seriously... I miss my clear skin 유___유)
5. Driver's license
6. Tan a bit.. just a little!
7. Six Flags with Jame's church people and hopefully D2 will be there! YES D2!
8. Six Flags with church buddies and Simmie
9. Go to Boston and go shopping ALL DAY
10. Finish 2 books - I know sounds nerdy but I like reading haha
11. Beach until nighttime! If only I had a boyfriend, how cute that would be.. being with friends and some sexy guy at the night >ㅁ<

12. Aquarium
13. Zoo
14. Picnic~~
15. Change my hairstyle - I think I want bright orange and no more bangs... we'll see!
16. Buy new camera
17. But new iTouch... or iPhone?
18. Be able to wear a cutesy bikini - all out!
19. Hang out with Eunah unnie
20. Hang out with Suin
21. Hang out with SLB
22. Hang out with Amy (THIS SATURDAY!!!)
23. Hang out with Angie
24. Hang out and play with Simmie and her bub!!
25. 막걸리.... lol
26. Go out in public with hair all pulled back - I haven't done that in SO LONG!
27. Meet 50 new people (So far it's been about 17?)
28. Go to Jame's church... and see D2....
29. Match with my umbrella when it rains~ It's orange and white with a cute anchor and stripe pattern :)
30. Buy a floppy hat
31. Kiwi masks!
32. Buy skirts
33. Buy a clubbing dress haha
34. Buy a cute dress
35. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4
36. Watch Kung Fu Panda 2
37. Watch Hangover Part II (SO FUNNY! Better than what I expected haha)
38. Watch that weird Barbarian movie LOL

Seriously... Conan the Barbarian looks like a scary monkey haha and barbarian is just a funny word.. puahahaha!

39. Hang out with the Librarians haha it's not what you expect!
40. Buy a really nice cover up and foundation... or BB Cream
41. Buy Korean clothes online... a lot of it!
42. Buy something Adidas!
43. Buy something from AllSaints - my new FAVORITE STORE!!!!
44. Draw many, many outfits - I miss my drawing days.... *sigh*
45. Plant morning glories and take pictures of them growing :)
46. Try to give a faux hawk to a girl! How sick would that be?
47. Write lyrics to favorite songs - it's a fun thing to do when you're really bored :)
48. Catch up on my favorite Korean variety show 1박2일 / 1 night 2 days
49. Start watching 무한도전 / Infinity Challenge
50. Re-watch 우.결.'s 깝 couple! (We Got Married's Kkap couple! Jokwon and Gain!)
51. Buy a baseball jacket... I'm really into those lately
52. Go to Angela's birthday party - they're always fun!
53. Watch the sun set at the beach

Minado sushiiiiiii

55. Splurge at Natick Mall or something
56. Eat a mango
57. Go out with fake eyelashes and have someone notice lol
58. Eat 팥빙수 (paht bing soo) with people I like (or for the more daring share with someone I like muahaha - never going to happen D:<)

59. Watch movies ALL DAY
60. Clean out my clothes and get rid of old ones
61. Eat at a nice restaurant with my friends and actually dress up! How fun does that sound?!?! A lot to meee
62. Email 지원언니
63. Make one of those photo strings for room deco
64. Play with a dog
65. KARAOKE with the Parks!
66. KARAOKE with Simmie and GO CRAZY!
67. Get a piercing - I know where!!!
68. Tickle someone like crazy
69. Facial masks with people
70. Learn how to play tennis - why? I don't even know
71. Get my pay to be higher somehow at work..... grrrrr....
72. Eat a large froyo by myself

If we were to go to a karaoke place that looked like this... damn we would have so much fun!

73. Buy at least 3 pairs of shoes
74. Have an okay birthday
75. Get nails done at a salon
76. Sleepover!!
77. Poooool
78. Start reading the Bible - not that religious at all, but I think this can make my life happier
79. Hang out with Steve - HAAAA
80. Eat at a restaurant, just me, my sisters, and simmie, and HOPEFULLY have some hot guy approach us - good luck to us!
81. Work out with the girls :)
82. Walk around a park with the girls
83. Have an intense talk that makes me stay up all night - sounds like a round of questionnaire Snap Bucket lol
84. Find a new favorite piano piece to play
85. Have a really memorable 4th of July with friends :)
86. Make a mini cooking book for myself - I can make it cute!
87. Korean BBQ feast

88. I really want to like someone... I know there's D2, but you never know :)
89. Have a lengthy and interesting conversation with a stranger
90. Meet a new Korean.. like.. new new.. guy or girl hur hurr
91. Make many cupcakes and decorate them with the girls!!
92. Mini family trip (?) - like that cape cod one haha
93. Be lazy with the girls and just feel fat :)
94. Outing with my mom~
95. Intense grocery shopping with the girls
96. Save enough money to go to Korea for NEXT SUMMER!

Hongdae! The college kid district of eating, shopping, and CLUBBING!! WAIT FOR ME I'LL BE THERE SOON!!

97. Keep a more personal journal of the amazing things that happen - actually keep up with it!
98. Take pictures along the way!
99. Make a mini photo book of the amazing summer of '11

So there we go! I know I did some of the things already, but let's hope that I can accomplish ALL 99 THINGS before summer ends! I hope some of the things on my list gave you ideas to~

I know that this summer is going to be really special... I can't wait until the fun starts really going~ I can just imagine the things that I'll be doing and maybe even drama will arise hehehe

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    i've had a thing for them for about a year and a half. but i've never bought one... i can't find the "perfect" one. i have a baseballish sweatshirt but it's not that awesome. it's a pullover, and i want a button up one. but the day will come when we go shopping together :D
    your list sounds fun. i will help you complete it :D heehee i was just in hongdae yesterday. it was fun and i recognize the picture xD and YEAH WTF how could you forget to tell me something so important? i gotta keep brushing up my korean... so i can get a sexy fobby boyfran when i go to my new school. I'M SO EXCITED WTF
    i have a feeling this summer is going to awesome too :D