Monday, June 20, 2011

Today Was A Simple, But Nice Day

I just wanted to write out about how my day was today. It was super simple, but I enjoyed it a lot. Before I get into that, I want to talk about my day on Friday haha:

Soooo I got my first paycheck on Friday! I mean, I didn't get a lot of money, not that I expected to get a lot because I'm only working part-time. But still, it's my first paycheck! I wish I took a picture of my amazing little milestone, but since I broke my nice camera, and my other shitty one is just dirty looking, I didn't even bother.

And getting my first paycheck meant a few things for me...
I had to buy my parents 속옷/sohg-ot/underwear. It's a Korean thing that you have to buy your parents this 속옷 when you get your first paycheck. And since Father's Day was coming up (well it was today basically) it was a perfect time to buy 속옷 as a gift. But it was embarrassing when I bought it... We all went to Hmart and I was about to pay for the 속옷 right after my mom paid for all the groceries. The cashier was a Chinese-American dude and he stared at us for a bit because I put the gift on the conveyor belt on a wet spot and my mom started to yell at me in Korean how that wet spot was where the kimchi was and how the gift was going to smell and we both just couldn't stop laughing our butts off. The Chinese dude was like, kimchi? Then he asked if we were paying together, but then my mom blurted out no and that the 속옷 was a Father's Day gift and told him that I was super cheap LOL. The dude started to laugh and told me that that was a really cheap gift and that I should take my dad out to TGIFs or something, but I just couldn't stop laughing at my mom's cheap comment that I just left right after I paid. I hope he didn't get a pathetic impression of us.

Anyway, getting my first paycheck also means that I finally have to start saving for some things that I want to buy. Of course the first thing that I am saving for is my Korea trip for next summer. I want to stay for about a month and I want to have A LOT of extra spending money so that I can go mega shopping for my parents and my sisters since it's not sure if they are able to go with me.

But the second thing on my list is a nice camera... Since I broke mine I really want a new camera that also has a lot of options. I'm not too sure what kind I want for sure, but I'm thinking of Nikon or Canon cameras for sure. Or I can just wait until my birthday?

In the end, I just wanted to say that I had quite a nice day today. I woke up a bit late, but I wore my new plaid shirt, put on my make-up, and rushed to go to church with my sisters. When we got there, all of our friends were there, sitting in the hallway all happy to see each other. That's always a good feeling, you know? But for some reason today, I was just in a really good mood to see them. Maybe I'm going to die soon or something. Then Sarah's good friend came and brought out the leggings that she said that she would bring in. I was really looking for nice leggings with print and Sarah told me that her friend's mom used to sell those kinds of leggings in one of those stands in the middle of the mall and that she might still have some. And she still had some and I said that I would buy them off of her. And the one's that she brought in were cute! One is black with white stripes, another is mostly green with an African tribal print to it, and another is black with white "holes", but that's for Jeero because it's a small. And it's actually the same exact ones I have, but the "holes" are black. Print leggings are so hard to find in America, the pretty ones, compared to Korea because Koreans are in love with designs. I have some, but THEY'RE SO SMALL ON ME! And when I saw these, I just knew I had to start losing weight FAST. But I'm happy that I got the leggings nonetheless, pictures soon!

Then the girls and I had just a good time talking together about our plans for the summer. I CAN'T WAIT!

After church we all went to this family's house for a get together since a family that we were all close too were there from California. The eldest son is freakin' 10 years younger than me, but he's so cute that I couldn't stop looking at him and slapping is butt hahaha. I swear he looks like a much better version of Ryan Higa/nigahiga and when he gets older, he's going to have so many girlfriends. Did I mention that the boy's name is also Ryan? wtf haha. His younger sister is also the cutest ball of energy in the world too! When I arrived to the house, she hid behind the door and then ran in front of me and hugged me immediately and screamed that she missed me haha. And I love the mom. I call her Unnie all the time even though she's like, what, 36? I don't care she's SUPER FREAKING STYLISH and her personality is so sassy that I just love her! But since today was just a get together, she wasn't wearing anything special, but when it comes to outings, she never fails to amaze me with her style. But she lost weight, so even in her simple t-shirt and shorts, she still seemed different than the rest of the ahjummas haha.

We all took pictures and just talked and stuff. Our really good friend, James, told me that he is now really good friends with D2- I think he get even better looking according to my stalker skills and he's officially SINGLE - and that he could like bring us together and stupid shit like that, but it was fun to think about this impossibility. He also mentioned how I should go to Six Flags with his church and he can make me go with D2 - AHH STOP TEMPTING ME!!! But again, I was just extra happy for some odd reason. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow since it's going to be a shitty day - I have work until closing (I HATE CLOSING!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WORKING UNTIL PAST 10!) - and before work I'm probably going to stuff my face out or boredom - I weighed myself today and I was about 137 WTF is wrong with me?!? lol But I was still happy. Hmmm maybe this week is just going to be a good week overall. I wonder what's in store for me this week!

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  1. ROR i love how jiyong was all like "i can get you guys together" ish xD hopefully you can get close to D2, though. dude i miss you, i cant wait until i move :D who's the girl that annoys you that lost weight? damn i still want to lose 48 pounds wtf. i lost like 5 pounds in the last three days or so but i don't feel any skinnier :( i want to be skinny before i move back, or at least by the time my school starts. maybe i can do what TOP did and lose like a million pounds in a few weeks or something! but blah i feel like i'm gaining more muscle on my legs due to working out... that's the bad part. i hope my legs go back to their original skinny form. i'll be sad if i lose the weight but have a different body shape than before. unless my boobs get big :D anyway let's motivate each other! we can do it :D WE CAN BE BOOTIPHUR GURLS